YouTube Marketing: 7 Smart Ways to Grow Your Channel

YouTube has grown exponentially in the last few years. It’s time for businesses to harness the power of YouTube and promote their products and services on the platform. You can start by creating a YouTube channel and then build the channel using different kinds of techniques. People consume billions of hours of content every day, and you can have a small chunk of this growing popularity of the channel. With YouTube, you can reach out to a huge consumer base and impact their lives in some way or the other.

There are several ways of growing a YouTube channel. You will have to do your research and develop a formula that will work for the YouTube channel. However, the first step would be to identify the audience base you are trying to reach. Once you are sure about the kind of audience you want to reach out to, you can draft a strategy to grow your YouTube channel. 

Listed below are a few ways that you can incorporate to grow your YouTube channel. 

Post Multiple Times

As we all know, the attention span of viewers has reduced significantly. They tend to forget the content that they watched 30 minutes back. In such a scenario, you must create a consistent presence. You can start with creating a YouTube channel, but you will have to be persistent with your posting schedule.

You cannot just post one video and wait till the next week to post the next video. Consistency is the key to maintaining a YouTube channel, and you will have to post at least four times a week if you want your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Ideally, you should post one video every day so that the viewers get habituated to viewing your content. This will also build up excitement as they will look forward to the release of your content. 

Use a YouTube video editor

Viewers tend to go to YouTube for quality content, and if your content fails to give them that, they will immediately switch to a new channel. Therefore, you must ensure that the quality of your YouTube videos is top-notch. For creating good video content, you will have to use a good YouTube video editor.

Using a YouTube video editor, you can make the video more engaging and enjoyable. You can cut, trim, or join videos using an editor and make your videos more aesthetically pleasing. With a good video editor, you can add different animations and transitions to your videos. Also, there are thousands of templates available on these editors that you can instantly use to improve your content. With good video editors, you can easily remove a part that is not required in the video or is making your content redundant. 

Use a Hook for the Video

People tend to click on those YouTube videos that have a hook. A hook here can be anything that intrigues the viewer and makes them want to open and check out the video. For instance, if you have a beauty channel and are creating several make-up tutorials for your video channel, you can display the picture of the final look at the start of the video and then walk your audience through the procedure of achieving the desired results.

You can also create an exciting thumbnail for your video that will grab the viewers’ attention. However, you will have to be extremely careful with the hook you are using. You will have to provide them with the content that the hook promises, or else they will lose trust and unsubscribe from your channel.

Use Brevity

People are more interested in your content than the opening and the closing credits or you talking about the equipment you used to create the video. With reducing attention spans, there is a dire need to reduce the length of the credit sequence that many people add at the beginning of the videos.

Also, if you create a YouTube video series, it will not be possible for viewers to go through such long opening credits before every video. Therefore, you can shorten the length of the titles and opening credits. You can make these changes with the help of a YouTube video editor.

Add End Screens

It is vital to create a recall in the minds of your audience. There are high chances that they love your content but forget about the channel or the creator of the content. You need to add an end screen to all your videos to solve this problem. You can use several branding techniques to create a brand recall for your videos.

You can add your logo and use your brand colors to create an end screen. You can then add a call-to-action window to ask them to like your video and subscribe to your channel. You can also add a voice-over to help the audience with these steps.

Remove Distractions

You need to create a distraction-free environment while recording the videos for your YouTube channel. For instance, if a particular color is creating a visual disruption, you can edit that section of the video using the color picker tool. However, you must ensure that the edit looks natural or will defeat the purpose. Distraction-free videos are more engaging, and they have the required appeal.

Add Thumbnails

A video thumbnail has become a very important part of YouTube videos. It would be best if you made a relevant thumbnail that promises what you are going to achieve through the video. You can even add a screenshot from the video to give them a glimpse of the content. A good thumbnail will bring in more viewers for your channel.


All of the strategies listed above have a certain degree of impact on your YouTube channel. You must ensure that you apply these to make your YouTube channel successful.

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