You Know CBD in Food and Beverages, A New Generation of Food Full of Benefits.

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Cookies, brownies, jellies, cakes, teas, and ice cream, are a menu with CBD (Cannabidiol) from cannabis – hemp famous worldwide. These cannabis dishes are widely available in countries where cannabis is allowed for cooking. In February 2021, Thailand began to unlock the use of hemp pieces that are low in THC or’ intoxicating substances’. Now you can legally buy hemp food from Hanfpost CBD shop in Switzerland.

Many of you may be wondering what CBD is and how it works. CBD is a hemp-derived substance that offers medicinal benefits. Without causing the intoxicating effects of current THC, the WHO (World Health Organization) reports that CBD does not cause side effects. It can also help treat or relieve symptoms such as stress, insomnia, myositis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. These properties make it possible to use CBD as a food ingredient. to provide benefits to consumers.

In countries such as the United States or European countries, Hemp-Hemp is often cooked with two forms of CBD. The first is infused with CBD oil extracted directly from the hemp-hemp flower. The second method involves adding hemp leaves to the cooking process to allow the natural absorption of CBD from the cannabis leaves into the food.

When absorbed into the food, CBD works like olive oil. To add flavor and aroma of herbs, the food is more mellow with a cannabis scent. Unlike olive oil, CBD provides the therapeutic properties mentioned above, making it a great flavor enhancer for our health.

Currently, Thai law requires non-top and flower parts from the ‘Hemp’ plant (a plant that produces less than 1% THC) in cooking. The hemp used in cooking must be a species that can control the content of various substances. strictly as required by law. Hanfpost CBD shop in Switzerland maintain all law.

GTG has spent more than two years researching the best cultivation methods and quality control of cannabis. Until able to breed hemp strain ‘Raksa,’ which is considered a Thai hemp strain with the highest CBD content globally (15.8%) and THC less than 0.2%. Dry and fresh leaves contain CBD. Up to 2% and THC as low as 0.019% through controlled dosages. To be precisely fixed. Suitable for cooking and beverages in front of the shop and legally registering products with the FDA.

CBD, Hemp Extract, Trending Supplements to Make Brands 2021

The food supplement business is a business that tends to grow steadily. And consumers can easily access this type of product online. The greater the number of working-age and the elderly consumers, the greater the opportunity for the supplement business in the “New Normal” era.

The current epidemic of the COVID-19 virus has caused health trends such as “Immunity Boosting” or eating to boost immunity. It is a trend that continues to increase in popularity. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for products that can help boost immunity and maintain health and skin, incredibly exotic natural products such as hemp CBD extract that can help strengthen the body’s immune system. well

In addition, the survey results from the Trend Research Center And the concept of the future or Baramizi Lab found that the behavior of consumers in this era is interested in 3 types of healthy eating:

  1. Eat to boost immunity Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, consumers are increasingly looking for help to strengthen their immunity. especially products that contain nutrients and minerals that enhance the immune system of the body. You will collect all food from CBD shop.
  2. Eat for a better state of mind. It is a behavior that cares for one’s health. For long life and enhanced work efficiency, these products contain certain substances that reduce free radical damage and brain inflammation or are chosen to help promote neurotransmitter function. make work better
  3. Eat to enhance individual nutrition. It is a nutrition design to suit your unique body by considering lifestyle, nutrients, and health, such as designing your skin vitamins, etc.
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