What Size Trailer Do I Need For A Riding Mower?

If you’re looking to buy a new riding mower, you should definitely consider buying one with a trailer. The trailers are designed to be attached to the back of your riding mower and make it easy for you to transport your lawn equipment from place to place. Here, we’ll cover how much space you need and what type of trailer will work best for you.

What size riding mower do I need?

So, the first decision you’ll have to make when shopping for a riding mower is how much space you need. If you want to buy a small-sized riding mower, then your trailer should be about the same size as your mower. However, if you want to buy a larger riding mower, you’ll need to make sure that your trailer can fit on it. This will depend on how big the trailer lawn mower is designed and what kind of weight it can bear.

How much space will a trailer take up?

A trailer will take up between 50 and 90 square feet of space. This can vary depending upon the size of the riding mower you have, so be sure to measure the area before you buy a trailer.

What should the height of the trailer be?

When you buy a trailer, it should have an adequate height for your riding mower. The height of the trailer should be at least 12 inches higher than the height of the roof of your riding mower. If you have a larger riding mower and want to transport it on your own, then you’ll need a taller trailer.

How much does a trailer cost?

The cost of a trailer changes depending on the size of it. A 12-foot-long trailer will usually run you about $200, while a 20-foot-long one will cost over $400.

Ghost Rider Trailer

The Ghost Rider trailer is the perfect size for most riding mowers. It’s 44-inches wide and has a 60-inch length, which will fit most of the mowers on the market. The weight limit for this model should be around 480 pounds, so if you have a large riding mower that weighs more than that, then you’ll want to shop for another trailer.

Standard Timing Trailer

The standard timing trailer may be the best option for you. This trailer has a capacity of 5,000 pounds and comes with two axles. You can also attach this to your riding mower using a universal hitch that is included with the trailer. The standard timing trailer is suitable for around-the-house use only and does not have any tie-down points.

A high-capacity timing trailer may be more suitable for you because it has a capacity of 10,000 pounds and is designed to carry heavier loads. With this type of trailer, you will have additional tie-downs so you can securely transport bigger items like tractors, boats, and other heavy machinery.

If you are considering getting either a high-capacity or standard timing trailer, keep in mind that one length of the truck bed is 51 inches wide while the other is only 45 inches wide, so make sure your riding mower fits on both lengths before buying one.