Uncovering Poland’s Story in World War II

Do you know that World War II broke out in Poland? Let’s dive into its history. Approximately 1.5 million German soldiers along with 2,000 airplanes and 2500 tanks entered the Polish border on Sep 1, 1939. It was the time when the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler gave the warning to get out of Poland. No one gave importance to this warning and after two days on Sep 3, 1939, France and Britain announced war. Thus World War II began at this time. Polish translation services can help you understand the history of World War II in its true essence because the region where all the controversy started is Poland.

Munish Agreement 

German forces worked on Hitler’s instructions to dominate Europe. At that time, other European powers tried to conciliate with Hitler so that war could not reach different parts of the world. This strategy ended when the three parties signed the Munish Agreement on Sep 30, 1938. This agreement gave Hitler the German-speaking part of Czechoslovakia to prevent collisions with other territories. Unfortunately, after three months, Hitler broke the agreement by taking possession of the entire Czechoslovakia. However, it took more than half a year when this war hit the world. 

Invasion of Poland 

Next, rumors were spreading that the next target of Hitler would be Poland. When Britain heard this news, it made a promise with the help of French support on March 31, 1939, that if Germany tried to invade Poland, then they would come forward to support Poland. Hitler broke another promise and he attacked Poland in the same year. When Poland was invaded, there was no political support. Hitler broke many previous agreements and he was unstoppable. If you are an English speaker who wants to know about the invasion of Poland in World War II in its native language, then Polish to English translation services can be of great help. 

Brutal Act of Nazis 

According to the Nazis, Poles were the inferior creatures. After the defeat of Poland by Germany in 1939, the Germans started a campaign to genocide the Polish nation. Moreover, they wanted Polish people to work as laborers and peasants under their leadership. After some weeks of German attract, the German military and police opened fire on thousands of Polish civilians. 

Additionally, in the Spring of 1940, the Germans came up with a new plan called AB-Aktion. According to this plan, they wanted to eliminate Polish people from leadership class. Additionally, their objective was to eradicate the Poles so that they could not stand for their rights against German rule. The brutality of the Germans did not finish here. They indulged in mass killing and shot thousands of intellectuals, priests, and teachers. Additionally, the Nazis sent people to Auschwitz concentration camps in Germany. In these camps, non-Jewish Poles lived until 1942.  

Germanize Poland 

The objective of Hilter was to Germanize Poland by removing the Polish population with German colonists. For labor work, some Poles were retained. During the first phase of Germanization, Nazi governors forcefully threw thousands of Poles into Generalgouvernement. At that time, approximately, 500,000 ethnic Germans were living in these areas. In 1942-43, again the German Police started Germanization in Zamosc eradicating 100,000 Polish civilians which also included 30,000 children.

Consequently, many families lost their loved ones. Furthermore, authorities sent them to camps for forced labor. Additionally, they sent 4,000 children to the Reich for Germanization.

Even at the end of the war, Germany required Polish labor. They made children (below the age of 12) work. Additionally, they dictated, how these laborers could be employed in the Reich. Police took people forcefully from streets, trains, churches, and marketplaces. Moreover, they also made raids in villages to get more laborers who could work. People were punished who refused to work. From 1939 to 1945, Germany took 1.5 million Polish for forced labor. Additionally, in Nazi concentration camps. thousands of people were imprisoned

Calculating the number of casualties in this war is a daunting task. According to rough estimates, 1.8 to 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians were killed in World War  II. Additionally, the Germans killed 3 million Jewish Poland citizens.

 We all know that English is the lingua Franca. Therefore, if you are from the Middle East and want to study the history of War II then English translation services can be of great help. 

Wrapping Up 

World War II was a dark history for the Polish people. The killing of Polish people is heart-wrenching. Not to pity Polish people anymore. It was a part of the history. The official languages of the allied powers of the World War are English, French, Russian, and Chinese. If you want to get more insights into World War II and its impact on other nations, then translation services can also be of great help.