Top Technology Trends This Decade

Technology has become indispensable in our everyday lives in the past few decades. The notion of not having a phone seems alien as well as a laptop. But what does the future hold? What is the next breakthrough technology? Well, in this article we discuss tech that is going to disrupt and hopefully change our lives for the better. 

The iPhone was the last major invention that totally changed the world. There are many reasons why people love Apple phones, but the main one is how well the product works. It looks as if smartphones have come as far as they can, with upgrades just getting better cameras, storage, and battery life. Imagining a world without a mobile phone sound strange, but there are technologies out there looking to make them obsolete. 

Join us to delve deeper into emerging technology trends. 

Virtual Reality 

Something that not that long ago seemed like something in a sci-fi movie is now becoming more mainstream. The most significant shift in this space is Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. It shows that their board is looking at the future and betting big on the Metaverse – seen as a successor to the internet. As Facebook already owns the largest manufacturer of VR headsets – Oculus Rift, building the necessary infrastructure will be a hard task. Nonetheless, Meta has made billions of dollars available to hire developers and build the Metaverse. It is the evolution from 2D screens to immersive 3D experiences, but you will need to wear a headset or glasses. Imagine the experiences you will be able to enjoy, you can sit ringside at a World Championship Boxing match, or in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. All without having to leave your home. 

Gaming is the main area where Meta CEO – Mark Zuckerberg sees Virtual Reality becoming mainstream. A truly immersive experience playing first-person shooters, or a colourful, dynamic show playing slots. For the latter, until the vision becomes reality, there’s always VSO. On the site, you can play free slots, from classics like Cleopatra to Starburst. Moreover, the most popular ones are recommended, and advice on how to play is provided in the form of guides and FAQs.


A technology that has shot into prominence in the past decade, blockchain has huge potential to cause disruption. As the internet brought about greater connectivity, blockchain goes one step further and connects people through value, creating trustless systems. The most famous is Bitcoin, but the tech doesn’t just stop at virtual money. Many countries around the world are using it to revolutionise how data is kept. One example of this is Dubai, UAE which will put all government records on a blockchain by 2023. 

The most interesting part of a blockchain is smart contracts. It allows two parties to make an agreement without the need for a centralised middle man. Terms are agreed upon and put into computer code, and when conditions are met on both sides, the code will be executed. It essentially puts trust into computers rather than people. 

Smart Homes 

In the not-so-distant future, smart homes will become the new normal. With all devices being connected to WiFi and being able to control via a smartphone, everything will be accessible quickly. It is a trend that has already begun, and as we all prioritise convenience, smart homes will occur fast. In a few years’ time, gone will be the days of using a front door key, and instead, facial recognition will grant you access. Of course, there are security concerns with this type of technology, but it will make our everyday lives much easier. 

Self Automated Cars 

Transport is something that has been stagnant over the past few years. The last major breakthrough was Uber, a ride-hailing app, but the next one is self-driving cars. There are major security concerns, but the notion of a vehicle being able to take a person from point A to point B is interesting. It doesn’t stop there either, trucks will be able to make deliveries without the need for a driver, therefore strengthening the supply chain. It’s a trend to look out for, but perhaps we are a few decades off this one.