Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Grill

Grilling is undoubtedly a backyard tradition. During the hot summer days or cold winter days, nothing beats the smell of food being cooked on the grill. You can also gather with your friends and family members around the grill to create a beautiful moment. We always look forward to  grilling and barbecuing activities.

However, remember that grills are vulnerable to rusting and they might get damaged after a couple of months. When rust develops in the grill, it will not only affect the exterior but also the interior mechanism of the grills. The grill might also become useless if the rust is too much.

Therefore, how can you protect your grill to use it for a couple of years? Here are some helpful tips you should know.

What is Grill Cover?

Grill covers are one of the best options to protect your grill. This is because most high-quality grill covers are made of durable and flexible materials that are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions such as rain, ice, and snow. Not to mention, the grill cover would also protect your grill from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

To extend its lifespan, it’s recommended to cover the grill once you’re done using it. This way you can limit the exposure of the grill to the outdoor elements. However, if the location of your home has a humid atmosphere, moisture might reach the grill through the cover. Therefore, make sure you invest in great quality grill covers.

Keep the Grill Clean

There are some important factors you need to keep in mind to preserve the original condition of the grills. This way you can also prevent rust from building up.

Make sure you clean the grill after cooking a food item. The grease of the food will not only damage the internal components but also make the grill prone to rusting.

It’s also recommended to clean the grill thoroughly once in a while. Make sure you use gentle soap and warm water to get rid of tougher grease. If you have a gas grill, the holes might be clogged up or covered with the food remains that would damage the internal components of the grill. In this case, don’t forget to clean the food remains properly.

Keep the Grill Dry

Cleaning the grill is the perfect way to extend its lifespan. However, make sure the grill is being dried up thoroughly after you’re done cleaning it.

Moisture undoubtedly poses the biggest threat to the grill. If moisture enters your grill, there’s no way you can prevent your grill from being damaged. Therefore, you need to pay close attention after cleaning the grill. Not just the interior, but also the interior should be dried completely so that you don’t suffer from the risks of potential rusting.

Reach all the tough spots of the grill and use a dry cloth or paper towel to clean it effectively. If you happen to have a gas grill, make sure you warm it up for 30 minutes after cleaning it. The heat will evaporate excess water from the grill.

Move the Grill to Cover

If you’re using the grill during summer, you can leave the grill outdoor as long as you use a high-quality grill cover.

The grill cover will protect your grill from debris and rainfall and other types of outdoor elements. Additionally, you don’t worry about storing your grill every time.

However, if you live in a colder climate, grill covers also won’t prove effective. You need to store the grill away as well. As per Moversabbotsford, colder air can reduce inflammations.


These are the top 3 great ways to protect your grill. Do you want a high-quality grill cover so that you can protect your expensive grill from any type of damages? Make sure you contact us.