Tips for Eating Healthier on a Tight Schedule

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It would be nice if all of us had time to shop for healthy ingredients, prep them, wait for them to cook and consume in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, if you work a full-time job and have a long commute, you know that you’ll barely have time to pick up take out. So what can you do to improve your diet when you have a tight schedule to respect?

Set a reminder

If you’re a busy bee who plans everything, why not plan your meals as well? Leave some time in your schedule to finish eating lunch or have a snack. Even if you’re busy running around, this scheduled point will help you remember to eat, fuel your body and avoid over-exhaustion.

Don’t rely on fresh produce

We all know that fresh ingredients are the best ingredients that contain the most fibers, vitamins and minerals, and often fewer calories. However, fresh ingredients also require a lot of care in shopping, washing, prepping and storing. That’s why many people simply choose not to buy them, which is not what we want. Instead of relying only on fresh produce, don’t hesitate to also buy less perishable options like frozen veggies, canned fruits, 5-minute soups, etc. These require minimal preparation and storing, and still have plenty of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

Choose healthy meal delivery

If you know you don’t have time to cook on a certain day, why not order meal delivery of something healthy and tasty? In some cities like Sydney, you can choose from many different cuisines and amazing food producers. And it’s not just simple meals that can be ordered. You can easily order boscaiola in Sydney and have it delivered right before dinner. All the food options are tasty, fresh, long shelf life and are packed sustainably, so you can enjoy all your meals without any guilt. When you get your delivery, just heat up the food and enjoy. 

Chop until you drop

When chopping veggies, always chop the whole piece. Why? Well, the fact that you’re chopping means you have time, so use it to make your future self’s life easier. This way, next time you’re in a hurry, you can just grab already chopped ingredients and whip up a healthy meal in no time. With pre-chopped veggies, you can make a quick soup or a stew, a stir-fry or an egg scramble. And if you really go all-in with chopping when you have time, you can freeze some. Onions, peppers and carrots can all be frozen and used in soups or as a base for your roast.

Pack snacks

Stocking up on snacks can be the best health decision you can make. And don’t rely on store-bought snacks but pack yours. Things like fruits, veggies and nuts are easy to snack on all day long yet they prepare in minutes. For instance, you can whip up apple slices and peanut butter or hummus and pretzels in less than two minutes, pack them in containers and bring them with you wherever you’re going. This habit will not only ensure you get the healthiest snack possible but also save you a ton of money in the long run. And snacking regularly will prevent overeating when you get home or experiencing those nasty energy crashes. 

Stock your freezer

Do you often get so busy that you don’t have time to hit a grocery store so you must order fast food takeout? Avoid getting left without anything edible in your fridge by doing regular shopping sprees in the frozen meal section. Frozen meals don’t have to be bad for you, it depends on what you get. Some can be full of nutrients and taste, while costing very little money. You will know that you’re not eating a chef-prepared meal, but it can come in very handy when you’re hungry. If you’re looking for frozen food options that are good for your diet, think Pad Thai, veggie pizza, chicken strips, etc.

Make good choices at restaurants

If you’re having an important business meeting or your regular date night with your partner, a restaurant is a perfect place to choose. However, when you’re trying to eat better, this can be a very troublesome place. But if you order mindfully, you can get away with nutritious options that are not loaded with calories. For instance, a good idea is to order a meal that’s mostly veggies and lean protein and complement your meal with side dishes for balance. And keep an eye on portion sizes. Many restaurants serve portions that are too much for one person, so don’t feel pressured to eat everything. To avoid overeating in a restaurant, you can offer to split a meal with your date, asking for a smaller portion or taking a doggy bag home.

No matter how busy you are, your health should always come first. With these ideas, you can ensure you’re eating healthily and maintaining your diet even on a tight schedule. 

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