TikViral: How Can Lawyers Use TikTok For Marketing?

It is a known fact that TikTok is a buzz among social media platforms. With over 1 billion active users, the app has the potential to drive the highest engagement. Despite its popularity, many lawyers are unsure of using TikTok for marketing their firms. Many doubt that it is worth the time spent on TikTok for lawyers. Well! In recent years, many lawyers have created the TikTok account and are generating more leads. If you are a lawyer, you need to grow your presence on TikTok, and you can get free tiktok fans and maximize your reach. 

Advantages Of Lawyers Using TikTok

TikTok is an app that is a lot easier to use for lawyers, and it shall become viral on the app instantly. The work of the lawyers does not only stops dealing with cases. TikTok provides an excellent opportunity for lawyers to create videos based on the promotion of their blogs, approaches for a case, tips on how they cleared a complicated issue, etc. If an expert lawyer posts videos on such kinds of topics, then it will be practical learning for young and budding lawyers in the field. 

You may think TikTok is an app only for Gen Z and millennials, and where is the space for lawyers to promote their business? Though the app is for Gen Z, significant users of around 20-40% of adults use TikTok. Let’s explore the article to understand how lawyers can use TikTok efficiently. Let’s get started!

5 Video Ideas For TikTok Lawyers 

1. Solutions For FAQs

It’s time to show your expertise in the law firm. You may have faced so many questions in your law service. Think about it and pile up a group of questions that would be useful for ordinary people. You can once create a Live and shall answer the questions pitched by them. It would be great to drive and increase your potential clients. Moreover, it is a way to engage with new clients. 

2. Discussion Of Current Events From A Legal Perspective

Daily news is a trending topic for lawyers. It may be any issues related to crime, social cause, politics, etc., Lawyers can create videos on the crime and discuss how ordinary people should take precautionary measures to prevent those crimes from happening to them. If those crimes happen, how can they approach the legal advisors, the procedures to file a case, etc.? So with this information, ordinary people can understand the lawyer’s perspective. 

3. Share Advice For Aspiring & Budding Lawyers

Many young students aim to become lawyers. For those people, lawyers can transfer your knowledge and share their experiences. Even you may create videos regarding the courses they need to take to pursue their law career. For example, you can work on video topics like ‘Top universities you can apply to study law’ and ‘Best short-term courses for law students, etc. Furthermore, you can share your case study and explain how you collected the points to win a case in court. In addition, you can try using TikViral and market your law business. 

4. Share Lawyer Tips 

If you consistently post videos on the tips from your law perspective, the audience may hire you to handle their court cases by seeing your expertise and legal advice. As the TikTok platform has a massive audience group, it would be helpful if you help people navigate the legal challenges. However, it is a fact that a lawyer’s insight will not equalize that of ordinary people. 

5. You Can Leverage The TikTok Features

You can create stitch videos where you can give your lawyer’s reaction to another video. For example, you should play the video, and at the end, you have to include your response. Many lawyers have used this strategy while creating videos. Even you can check on other lawyer content by scrolling down the ‘for you page’ and shall get exciting ideas for your upcoming videos. 

Tips For Lawyers To Captivate The Audience 

  • Respond to the video comments in a generic manner. Just posting videos alone will not make your account successful on TikTok. 
  • You can co-create your videos with other adept lawyers. 
  • Remember to include links to your blogs and other social media accounts.
  • You can follow popular lawyer accounts like Ethen Ostroff, Anthony Barbuto, Brad Shear, Calina Plotky, etc., 
  • Consistently post videos while you begin to grow on TikTok. It will drive more traffic to your account in a quick time. 

Final Thoughts

Even though lawyers are busy in practical life and have no time for social media engagement, it is okay! You can at least try TikTok videos once to market your business. Of course, it would be best if you could make your account handled by another person too. The main thing lawyers can use TikTok is to share their abundant knowledge. If you plan to grow your account, you can try using TikViral and attract more audiences.