Think Sustainable Living This Employee Appreciation Month

Employee Appreciation Day is observed on the first Friday in March. Businesses of all sizes consider March as “Employee Appreciation Month” and take this opportunity to recognise the tireless efforts of their employees. When considering ways to make their staff feel valued and special, many employers consider giving them gifts, awards, financial compensation, or even time off. While those are all great, let’s try doing something different this year.

This Employee Appreciation Month, pledge to focus on your employees’ overall health & wellness. Give them gifts from Odyana that will propel them towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

FACT: A recent study revealed that Forty-seven per cent of people want to change their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly.

What is a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Understanding how our lifestyle choices affect the environment and figuring out ways for everyone to live better are two critical components of sustainable living. It is founded on four fundamental pillars: reducing waste, utilising resources wisely, protecting the environment, and maintaining quality livable and working conditions.

Adapting to a sustainable lifestyle has many benefits:

●  It improves physical and mental health

●  It conserves natural resources

●  It reduces energy costs

●  It saves money

Where to Start?

The best part about embracing a sustainable lifestyle is that it does not have to be an overwhelming start. One can start getting accustomed to the concept of conscious living from something as simple as changing their dietary habits. By pondering what you’re eating, you can reflect upon how your food nourishes your body and where it comes from.

Here are some dietary modifications to help us all eat more sustainably and healthfully, which benefits the environment and ourselves.

● Eat more plants (and less meat)

● Buy Local

● Reduce food waste

● Cut the waste

You can also make some changes in your travelling habits like:

●  Instead of making many trips throughout the week, attempt to combine multiple errands into a single trip.

●  To lessen your carbon footprint, aim to book direct flights whenever you can. Direct flights use less fuel than cruising at a high altitude.

●  Be sure to travel light. Greater weight equates to more fuel use and CO2 emissions

Apart from making the above lifestyle modifications, one can also make some changes in their purchasing behaviour to contribute towards eco-friendly initiatives. Of course, you don’t have to stop shopping altogether! Saving money and the environment are complementary goals! That means that you should be a little more cautious about the products you purchase, especially in terms of how they are created and affect the environment.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

●  Reduce Your Online Order Deliveries to Once a Week

●  Avoid Impulse Buying

●  Choose Organic and Natural Products

●  Buy Local

How WE Can Help you Towards Sustainable Lifestyle

Odyana is an e-commerce platform that provides eco-friendly goods for everyday use, gifts, celebrations, and events.

Every single Odyana-certified organic product is rigorously vetted for quality and environmental consciousness. With the help of our selection criteria, we can find business owners committed to providing quality, fostering relationships of trust, and adopting an environmentally conscious mindset. In addition, we assist and direct sellers as they strive for a more open and reliable approach to their goods and packaging.

FACT: After learning about the challenges with sustainability, nearly 88% of Indian buyers indicated that they would be willing to buy a more sustainable product.

This Employee Appreciation Month, instead of the standard gifts, consider your employees’ overall health and lead them towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Odyana, we have a wide assortment of gift items– from mouth-watering delicacies to luxury pampering kits, decors, lifestyle products and more. Pick from certified, organic goods that come straight from nature.

Join the revolution with Odyana!!

Our conscious choice influences our day-to-day decisions and behaviour in numerous ways. Contact us to learn more about eco-friendly gifts your employees will truly appreciate!