The Do’s and Don’ts of Fighting Against Seasonal Fever

Most of the time people seem to be wondering what fever is and why it is more prone in some than others. According to the best general physicians in Lahore, flu is our body’s way of fighting against bacterial infection that can either cause illness or infection. Thus you do not have to fear the fever.

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Today we have compiled some of the best and easy ways one can fight off this hectic seasonal fever. Make sure to give these do’s and don’ts a complete read and then you can thank us later.

Medication for a Viral Fever

OTC or otherwise commonly known as over-the-counter medications is one of the best ways a person can tackle the issue of seasonal fever. But you have to keep in mind that a doctor’s consultation can never hurt you in the matters of these medications. If the fever is between 98.7 degrees F to 100.4 degrees F you might not be needing medication in the first place.

On the other hand, if the fever is persistent and is lingering for more than 24 hours a day then schedule a visit with your doctor, and if he or she is suggesting medication be sure to take it.

Antibiotics; Avoid Them

It is nowadays a common practice for people to expect that whenever they will visit a doctor they are bound to come back with nothing but a prescription of antibiotics. But this is not something that will happen every day but only in crucial times. Like if the doctor suspects that you have a bacterial invasion or an infection, that is when they will prescribe antibiotics.

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Otherwise, the more than necessary and needed use of antibodies can be the reason for antibiotic resistance. That is when they will develop resistance against a particular medication and the next time even if you are taking the same medicine it won’t count.

Furthermore, if the virus that is affecting you is the reason for the fever then antibiotics are of no use. Thus if the doctor is not prescribing you any medication it is for the best of both worlds.

Rest All the Way

One of the most unapologetic things that are the main headline of fever is that any stressful or other sorts of usual activity can make it quite worse. Thus one method of treating fever is that you have to take a lot of rest.

If you continue to go on with your everyday activities like it is normal you are in your body’s way of fighting against the foreign infection. Thus it is natural for doctors to prescribe rest as it is one of the most natural ways to deal with fever.

Moreover, fevers also have a very tiring effect on a person and thus the need to take rest is already apparent.

Hydration is the Key

Dehydration is one of the most common symptoms of high fever. This is mainly because of the fact that your body tends to lose a lot of fluids during these stressful times. Thus fever can make your lips chapped and your organs deprived of fluids.

Water is the best medium in such instances. As nothing can replenish the dehydration as quickly as water. Furthermore, you can also add certain other drinks to your fever regime as well. In case you are a person who doesn’t like to drink lots of water then all you have to do is replace clear water with soups and broths, fresh juices. The key point here is that water is the best thing to drink but you can also add other drinks to the spectrum.

Hot and Cold Compresses

There is a reason why people prefer to pay attention to hot and cold compresses during the days of high fever. If it’s a fever of the winter season you have to opt out for warm compresses. In other cases, if the fever is due to summers then you have to maintain your body temperature by keeping cool.

Make sure to pay attention to the above mentioned tips or do’s or don’ts because they are the key to beat or tackle the issues of seasonal fever every once in a while.

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