Team Building and Awards – How Can it Help?

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The Influence of Awards and Team Building Activities on Employee Productivity.

Keeping employees motivated is critical to achieving desired results and delivering excellent customer service. Failure to motivate employees leads to high turnover rates and overall dissatisfaction.

Theft, incitements, and bad workplace politics also tend to crop up as a result. Recognizing individual and team efforts and organizing events and retreats challenges employees to put more effort and gives them a sense of appreciation for their jobs. In addition to this, employees can work in harmony to achieve a company’s overall mission and vision.

Teamwork and Collaboration.

Tension in the workplace often results in poor communication and an environment that is not conducive for optimum productivity. Trying to resolve conflicts among juniors or between seniors and juniors by word of mouth does not always resolve the issue at hand.Hiring a professional team building company thus comes in handy in alleviating the situation and fostering teamwork.

The relaxed environment and the necessitated collaboration during a team-building activity allow employees who were previously in conflict to open lines of communication gradually. However, team-building is more than just a conflict resolution activity. It is about building bonds between employees and reinforcing team spirit. Individuals learn the importance of working together to pursue common goals.

Increased Employee Engagement.

Every individual requires some form of recognition when they achieve certain milestones. Feeling appreciated and valued goes a long way in boosting morale and motivating one to surpass previous successes. Employees are the heartbeat of any given organization. A rewards and recognition program that incorporates trophies and awards is key to retaining employees. Companies continuously pursue talented individuals, and failure to recognize efforts may lead an employee to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

One survey revealed that a manager’s top way to better an employee’s performance is personal recognition. Seeing peers receive awards and trophies for exemplary work also motivates those who have not received any award to put in necessary efforts. Recognizing teams is also essential as they are motivated to be more cohesive and encourage others to give their best.

Sense of Belonging.

Employees who own their workplace often deliver to the fullest. Such individuals have a sense of direction and genuinely care about the success of an organization. However, such intrinsic motivation by an employee to stick to a particular employer usually results from a good reward system that appreciates efforts made. Appreciating and praising an employee’s efforts in front of others makes them feel like an essential part of an organization and a contributor towards success. Research has continuously revealed that many employees do not feel appreciated by their superiors and often perceive that their efforts are taken for granted. Loyal employees often find it hard to jump onto the next best opportunity, unlike unmotivated employees.

Improved communication.

The main aim of planning team-building activities and issuing rewards is to improve employees` communication among themselves. When employees come together with one purpose, to be the best team in a team-building competition, it creates trust and strengthens bonds and personal relationships.

When employees trust each other and get to know each other on personal terms, they get to achieve more back at work if the same energy is reciprocated. The main key traits at work are trust, communication, and harmony. Team building activities help employees collaborate, improve their strengths and deal with their weaknesses.

Inspire creativity.

To have a successful business venture based on innovation and creativity, you’ll have to employ workers from different backgrounds and ideologies. Team building activities bring these people together, and they are prompted to be creative to achieve in the field activity.

The staff members should reciprocate the same directly to the workstation, where they should learn to collaborate and develop creative ways to handle the issues at hand. The impact of creativity at work can never be underestimated.

Finally, bringing your employees together in fun activities and those that encourage collaboration is an excellent step towards achieving success in your business. Reward your employees and subject them to team-building activities to motivate them and increase their trust. Without trust among your employees, they will not put dedication and passion into the business, considering these are key traits in any business.

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