Stop Ignoring Charity: The Need for the Hour

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There is no one in this world who does not appreciate the value of Charity. In fact, some religions have an altruistic foundation. With the inclination that a person has toward a donation or charity, the question arises time and again, why should a person donate?

This article read about the three reasons why one should include their name in charity in order to make the world a better place.

Reasons to donate to charity

  • Helps the poor who are in need

The missed treatment of human beings and non-human animals along with global poverty causes too much suffering in the world. But helping people with financial and emotional support can maintain happiness and peace among others. Various dance team fundraisers work on this philosophy.

The greatest duty of human beings is to think about the well-being of themselves and the others around them. If one can give an ear to the problems of others, then they would be able to solve them before changing the world.

  • Improve the well-being of a person

As a person tries to raise funds with the help of dance team fundraisers, it can help to benefit their well-being and health. There happens to be empirical evidence from both experimental and correlational studies that people who tend to spend money on others achieve greater wealth and happiness. These results were evidence from various countries worldwide. Some of the studies suggest that the Good feeling that comes from donating to others happens to be a Universal feature of how the brains are wired.

At the same time, wealth and happiness do not have any linear relationship. It is seen, that when a person earns more money, it buys him life satisfaction. But it does not let him buy happiness.

One must be wondering whether donating to charity causes any negative effect on our happiness? Well, the simple answer to this would be no. Fortunately, there happen to be good theoretical and empirical reasons for believing that if a person can donate 10% of the income, it will not reduce happiness.

  • Makes the world a fair place

Not every person is rich. But providing financial assistance to the needy can indeed make a person rich by heart. The philanthropic attitude of the dance team fundraisers does not entail that they are begging. It helps a person to offer love and help along with financial support. A person may not be financially prosperous to do all the charitable work. But each one of the individuals can help the person in need to fulfill the void in their living. For instance, apart from fundraising, one can visit old age homes, and orphanages in order to donate the most valuable thing, time.


From the above, one can outline the different evidence that helps to support the claim that charity is surely the need of the hour. It is as important as doing good to people. A person can be involved in doing a substantial amount of good through these charities.

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