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Several employers are offering seasonal jobs that provide housing near the worksite. In addition, some employers operate in destination or remote areas and often provide housing near their work sites. Find a suitable one that fits your skills, and let us know what you think of these opportunities! And don’t forget the benefits of working with a company that provides housing. At VagaJobs, we have compiled some of our favorites.

Au pair

If you are considering becoming an au pair, you need to consider the conditions of the job. In the past, au pairs were usually domestic servants who looked after the children of upper-class and middle-class families. But changing social attitudes and economic conditions made this model out of reach for many middle-class parents. Moreover, the rising educational aspirations of girls made the experience of living and learning in a foreign country more appealing to them.

YMCA of the Rockies

YMCA of the Rockies seasonal positions offer flexible working hours and excellent compensation. They are working with a diverse staff to help the community grow stronger. The YMCA of the Rockies may be perfect for a flexible job providing housing and benefits.

YMCA of the Rockies seasonal employment opportunities include housekeepers, food service workers, and more. You can choose between two locations: Estes Park Center, near Rocky Mountain National Park, and Snow Mountain Ranch, a year-round conference center. The organization promotes healthy living, strong values, and environmental stewardship. As a part of this work, you will have the opportunity to work with young people and spend time outdoors in beautiful surroundings.


VagaJobs offers a variety of seasonal jobs that provide housing, food, and other benefits to those seeking employment. They offer employment opportunities worldwide, including retail, culinary, administrative, and other services. These positions can be found in various fields, including hospitality, food service, retail, and customer service. In addition to housing, some of these opportunities also provide discounts in restaurants and gift shops. During off-hours, employees also have access to recreational facilities.

Forever Resorts

If you’re looking for seasonal jobs that offer houses, consider working at one of Forever Resorts. While the job is not the highest paying, it will cover all your basic needs, including housing and food. In addition, an average monthly salary will stretch further, saving you hundreds of dollars on rent and food each month. Most resorts will also cover a portion of your travel expenses, making these jobs a great deal.

Teaching English abroad

If you’re interested in teaching English abroad, you may be wondering about how to find a job that provides housing. While searching for a rental in a new country can be intimidating, some VagaJobs employers offer housing stipends to their successful applicants. If this is your first time teaching English overseas, you should check out Airbnb and hotels. These options will give you enough time to find your housing.

Some organizations coordinate working holiday programs for Canadian college students and non-students. The program offers teaching assistantships in many countries. Generally, you will be required to commit to a minimum of three months, but you can work part-time during your free time. Host families provide housing, and you’ll receive two or three free meals daily. These programs are great because they allow you to live abroad for less money than you would at home.


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