Presentation of the 2022 World Cup Teams – Mexico Team

For the Mexican team, the Qatari World Cup will be the 18th! This is the most titled football team in North America, an eight-time winner of the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the 2012 Olympic champion. The Mexican national team is of great interest to many football fans, including in terms of betting on This is one of those teams that can surprise with any opponent. Despite the fact that the Mexicans got quite serious opponents in the group at the 2022 World Cup, Gerardo Martino’s chances of reaching the playoffs remain quite high. Consider the prospects for Mexico in the upcoming World Cup.

Brief information

First, let’s get to know this team better:

  • The Mexicans will play in the World Cup for the 18th time! This is one of the teams with the longest history in the world championships. However, she lacks great success.
  • Mexico is the most titled team in CONCACAF.
  • The national team reached the 1/4 finals of the World Cup 2 times (in 1970 and 1986).
  • Gerardo Martino’s team entered the World Cup from 2nd place in the qualifying round.

Mexico’s Group C opponents at the 2022 World Cup

In the group round, the Mexicans will fight with the Argentines, the Poles from Saudi Arabia. The first match in the tournament for the Mexican national team will be the most important. Gerardo Martino’s team will fight in the debut meeting with their main competitor in the fight for 2nd place and advancement to the playoffs – Poland. Most likely, few goals will be scored in this match, as both teams play well in defense. The most important task for the Mexicans will be the neutralization of Poland’s top scorer Robert Lewandowski.

On November 26, another serious test awaits Mexico – a duel against Lionel Messi and his Argentina national team. It is foolish to argue with the fact that the Argentines are the main favorite in this group and in a separate match with Mexico, but we have already said that it will be difficult for any team to play with the Mexicans and Argentina is no exception. Bookmakers accept bets on the victory of Mexico with a coefficient of 3.90. The victory of the Argentines is estimated at 1.55.

In the final match for the Mexicans in group C, the team is waiting for a sparring match against Saudi Arabia. This is one of the weakest teams in the entire tournament, so the Martino team will probably have a good chance of winning here. Most likely, in this fight, oddly enough, the fate of the ticket to the playoffs will be decided. Bookmakers offer to bet on the victory of the Mexican national team with a coefficient of 1.55.

What are the prospects for the Mexican team at the 2022 World Cup?

Initially, let’s look at what odds bookmakers offer for each of the teams to take first place in group C:

  • Argentina – 1.42.
  • Poland – 4.95.
  • Mexico – 5.75.
  • Saudi Arabia – 26.00.

As you can see, the chances of the Mexicans and the Poles are approximately equal, however, bookmakers still give the minimum advantage in the race for the playoffs to the European team.

At the same time, bookmakers practically do not believe that Mexico will reach the 1/4 finals. The coefficient for this event is 6.35. From the BC line, you can also find out what is the likelihood of the Mexicans reaching the semi-finals. Such an outcome is estimated at 19.00, the final – 47.00.


Despite the fact that analysts give Poland a minimal advantage in the fight for the playoff zone, we believe that the teams of Mexico and Poland have an equal chance of success. All the intrigue of this group can be solved already in the first round, when the Poles and the Mexicans meet in a head-to-head match. Whoever wins this match will probably end up in the 1/8 finals, unless there are big surprises in the matches against Argentina.

We believe that in the match between Poland and Mexico, a draw will most likely be recorded and the intrigue will continue. In this group, things can get to the point that teams will have to consider the difference between goals scored and goals conceded in order to determine the strongest. In this regard, Mexico should have a slight advantage, as they play their last match against the weakest team in the group.