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There are many reasons to use a play mat with your newborn, but what are the best ones for a new baby? We’ve put together a guide with tips on the benefits, costs, and size of play mats for newborns. Whether a play mat is right for your newborn depends on your child’s age, developmental stage more information, and sensory needs. But before you buy a play mat for newborns, consider these points first.

Sensory stimulation

Sensory stimulation for newborns using a soft play mat can be an excellent way to stimulate your newborn baby’s senses. It can also help to foster your child’s imagination, an important element of brain development. The following are a few examples of activities to use a play mat for. These activities can be fun for both you and your baby! So, what are the benefits of sensory stimulation for newborns?

A padded play mat is perfect for infants to use during tummy time. It features textured surfaces and over-the-head hanging toys to engage your baby’s senses. A four-in-one floor gym is another excellent choice, allowing your child to touch various textures while engaging in activities he enjoys. The mat can also be used as a ball pit if your little one loves playing in it.


While there is no one set formula for safe sleep, there are many factors to consider when choosing a play mat for a newborn. Organic cotton play mats are the best choice, but a non-organic mat is perfectly safe too. Besides being safe for a newborn’s developing brain, non-toxic play mats are less likely to contain harmful substances. Ensure that the material is non-toxic and that it is safe for the entire family, especially for the baby’s developing body.

When purchasing a play mat for a newborn, always remember that the material should be non-toxic, and should be easy to clean. Choose one that is 1.5cm thick so that your baby doesn’t get injured when he or she falls. Non-toxic play mats also promote better motor skills and immune system development. If you are unsure about the materials used in your play mat, consider buying a natural mat that’s free of harmful chemicals and petroleum products.


When it comes to price, a quality play mat for newborns should cost between $100 and $200. It should come with several interactive features, such as lights, sounds, textures, and toys. Some playmats are even portable, which is a great feature if you need to travel with your newborn. You can also use one for tummy time. Some models are even portable and fold flat for easy storage.

A quality play mat will come with interchangeable cards, including black and white pictures for newborns and faces for older babies. It will take less than two minutes to set up and comes with an easy-to-read play guide. Despite the price, the Dreamy Play Mat contains five zones for your child’s development. It can be unveiled when your baby is playing to encourage development while remaining hidden to avoid over-stimulation.


When it comes to buying a play mat, the size that suits your newborn is an important consideration. The right size will allow your child to play comfortably and safely while minimizing any accidents. Choose a mat that can be machine-washed and has a removable cover. Cotton padding will shrink slightly after washing, so you should purchase an extra pad. This will reduce the number of times that you need to wash the insert.

You should also consider the size. Not all play mats are the same size, so you may need a larger or smaller one depending on your preferences and available space. There are small play mats, designed for tummy time, and bigger play mats with more space to move around. If you live in an apartment or have a small home, you may want to consider the size, as well as whether the play mat will fold.

Buying guide

Purchasing a playmat for your new baby is a great way to provide safe, soft ground for your infant to crawl and kick around on. Most models come with a carry case and handle to make them easy to move around. Playmats also make great gifts for babies. Here are some tips to help you buy a play mat for newborns:


If you are shopping for a play mat for your newborn check our website, you should consider a variety of materials. A tummy time mat will be cozy and comfortable for your newborn. A good playmat will have extra padding along the borders to prevent your child from rolling out of it. A playmat with five different toys will encourage development and discourage over-stimulation. Regardless of your budget, consider the following options:

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