Mix and Match: Creating Unique Looks with Bikini Separates

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Summertime is here and everyone wants to soak up the sun. No matter your choice of activity, there is a bikini style available for your needs. Sporty athletic wear or minimalistic tanning suits are available with everything in between.

The true beauty of wearing bikini separates is being able to customize your outfit to your event. You can change your level of support, colors and patterns, style, and overall coverage just by changing part of your suit. It’s also a way to keep your style fresh and exciting as you navigate through all of your upcoming social events. Take a look at Indah styles online for some ideas.

Strapless Bikini Tops

People often confuse bandeau tops and strapless bikini tops because they are very similar. Rather than worrying about the nitpicky details, consider the activities you want to do and the level of support you want when choosing a strapless bikini style. Consider a top with an underwire for additional support if you plan on swimming or being active. Without the underwire, consider how your breasts naturally sit on your chest and what level of support you need.

Strappy Triangle Tops

Strappy bikini tops are the exact opposite of bandeau tops. They often have additional straps or ties though are simply for the aesthetic. Triangle tops offer that minimalistic coverage that summer time tanners love. Just be mindful of wearing the straps when tanning, so as not to have awkward lines at dinner the next night.

Underwire Bikini Tops

Underwire bikini tops by Indah are perfect for all occasions. They are supportive of athletic water sports, give your breast a natural boost without the stiffness of molded cups, and add a bit of sexiness to your look. They can have straps or not; the key is making sure that the band size and cup size are as close to your natural size as possible.

Minimalistic Bikini Bottoms

Minimalistic bottoms are all the rage this summer. There are many styles, such as Brazilian side tie bottoms, thong bikinis, and ruched triangles. Minimalistic bottoms will leave you all but bare which is perfect for achieving those desirable tans without the harsh lines.

Strappy Bikini Bottoms

Strappy bikini bottoms have us tangled in their web. They range from minimalistic to full coverage and maintain their eye-catching ability either way. Straps can be across the front of your suit, around the waist, or even on the sides of your bikini bottoms. They provide a level of sexiness to your outfit while still giving adequate coverage.

Expand Your Summer Wardrobe

Once you find a style that is flattering to your body type choose from various colors, patterns, textures, necklines, and styles of tie you want on your bikini tops and bottoms. Indah recommends that you have more than one swimsuit that you can alternate between uses to protect their longevity. Picking up a couple of bikini separates rather than a one piece suit allows you to mix and match your swimwear wardrobe to expand your options.

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