IPhone 15 Pro or IPhone 15 Pro Max: Which One Should You Choose?

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have been widely praised by the tech community and users as the most sophisticated and modern iPhones of 2023. Each version has its own strengths tailored to different user needs. In this article, let’s compare these two devices in detail to discover which one you should consider owning.

1. Comparing device sizes

The iPhone 15 Pro features a 6.1-inch display with dimensions of 146.6mm x 70.6mm x 8.25mm. On the other hand, Apple equips the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a 6.2-inch screen and dimensions of 159.9mm x 76.8mm x 8.25mm. In general, the iPhone 15 Pro is more compact and convenient for handling and usage. The higher-end version, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, emphasizes entertainment with its large display.

Iphone 15 Pro or Iphone 15 Pro Max Which One Should You Choose1

The design of the super product duo iPhone 15 2023 comes from Apple

Despite having the same high-quality display with vivid, sharp, and true-to-life visuals, the iPhone 15 Pro has a slight advantage over the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of weight. The iPhone 15 Pro weighs approximately 181g, which is noticeably lighter than the 221g of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This difference has made the iPhone 15 Pro highly regarded by users for its convenience and portability.

The iPhone 15 Pro is the ideal choice for those who prioritize a lightweight and compact device that fits comfortably in hand. However, if you belong to the customer segment that appreciates superior screen enhancements, impressive display capabilities, and top-tier performance, then the iPhone 15 Pro Max is undoubtedly the one you should not miss.

2. Battery life comparison

In this latest iteration, both devices have seen significant upgrades in battery capacity, delivering impressive usage times for users. The iPhone 15 Pro offers a reasonably good experience with the ability to play video for approximately 23 hours, whereas the iP 15 Pro Max excels with a breakthrough of 29 hours of continuous video playback.

The key difference in usage time mainly lies in the device size. With its 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 15 Pro houses a 3,274 mAh battery. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with its larger 6.7-inch display, boasts a bigger battery capacity of 4,422 mAh.

Accordingly, the battery capacity of the above two devices is rated much higher than the previous generation and suitable for each user with different purposes of use

If you seek a high-performance phone with sufficient battery life, then the iPhone 15 Pro is the perfect choice for you. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands as the ultimate flagship smartphone for users with high demands, frequent usage, and longer battery life requirements.

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3. Camera comparison 

When it comes to cameras, the iPhone 15 Pro Max clearly takes the upper hand when compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. This device boasts a camera system with an impressive 5x maximum zoom capability, thanks to an additional telephoto lens with a 120mm focal length. As a result, the images captured by the iPhone 15 Pro Max at long distances appear vivid, prominent, and possess greater depth.

The iPhone 15 Pro features a sharp camera with a maximum zoom of 3x. Although this figure is not significantly different from its predecessor and doesn’t match the 5x zoom, the iPhone 15 Pro can confidently meet users’ needs for capturing high-quality, beautiful, and clear images, competing well with other mobile devices on the market.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is unique with super sharp 5X zoom capability  

With its impressive 5x zoom capabilities, the iPhone 15 Pro Max can be used as a professional-grade photography tool for capturing sharp, vivid, authentic images and challenging distances. 

4. Prices comparison 

Currently, the average price of iPhone 15 Pro Max at suppliers in Vietnam is about:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB: 34.990.000 VND
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB: 40.990.000 VND
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB: 46.990.000 VND

Meanwhile, the price iPhone 15 Pro is sold at an average price:

  • iPhone 15 Pro 128GB: 28.480.000 VND
  • iPhone 15 Pro 256GB: 30.790.000 VND
  • iPhone 15 Pro 512GB: 36.490.000 VND
  • iPhone 15 Pro 1TB: 41.990.000 VND

Note: The price of the device may vary from time to time and each color version.  

In general, the price of the Pro version will be about $170 lower than the Pro Max version for the same storage capacity option.

The iPhone 15 Pro is suitable for individuals with a need for a versatile, high-performance device with sufficient battery life. It’s perfect for those who prefer a compact and convenient phone and want to optimize their spending.

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is designed for users with higher budgets who appreciate the utmost in modern and premium mobile technology. This is especially true if you have a profession or hobby related to impressive photography, require a large, high-quality display, and are willing to invest in such features.

I hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive overview of the differences between the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, helping you make the most suitable choice based on your usage needs.