In Windows, How to Convert a Powerpoint to a Pdf

PowerPoint presentations are a great tool for communicating concepts and information. However, there are times when you have to present your slides to people who need help accessing the program. In such cases, the conversion of your PowerPoint into a PDF document is the ideal solution. It allows you to show your presentation to a larger audience and preserves your slide’s layout and formatting. 

This article will discuss converting a PowerPoint to PDF using Windows to allow you to share your presentation with others effortlessly. Suppose you’re a student, an executive, or someone passionate about making presentations. In that case, this tutorial will teach you how to quickly and effortlessly convert your ppt to PDF.

Converting PPT to PDF How?

Follow the steps below to convert PowerPoint to PDF quickly and swiftly.

  • Upload PPT or PPTX File

In the Home window, choose “Create PDF” and select your file for the upload. You can also drag the document to be converted conversion to the window of the application, and PDFelement will detect the file and start the upload process and conversion.

  • Save as a PDF File

After you’ve uploaded your PowerPoint file, Save the newly created PDF file by going to”File,” then the “File” tab, then “Save As,” and then name the file accordingly. Once you’ve done that, you’ve saved your PowerPoint presentation will be successfully converted to PDF on your computer.

  • Edit Your PDF (Optional)

After you’ve created a PDF document, it is possible to edit the pages, images, and text in the PDF. To turn on the editing mode, select”Edit” from the “Edit” tab on the top of the page and then switch to “Edit” mode to modify the text and images in accordance with.

PDFelement is a complete PDF solution providing several PDF editing-related capabilities that simplify editing PDF documents. In one sense, it lets you browse comments, print and view PDF documents, much like other PDF readers. 

However, it allows you to edit, design and build PDFs, form editable PDFs, extract data from records, and add additional information, making it an advanced PDF editor, which is better than other applications.

Signatures digitally signed, secure options like password protection and permissions, as well as the ability to remove documents, are a few of the extra features you’d expect to see offered in the PDFelement. You can also add and modify watermarks, headers, annotations, footers, bookmarks, and hyperlinks to PDF documents.

On the Internet, there are other free PPT to PDF converters.


The site is popular with people who want to avoid downloading additional programs and prefer to utilize an online conversion tool. The concept behind the website is simple and straightforward, offering an area where you can upload your PowerPoint and, after uploading, all work is completed in one click. 

When the tool is finished with the conversion, you will receive a download option where PDF files will be available. While uploading personal information on these websites can be stressful, SmallPDF guarantees complete privacy and ensures the conversion is done safely.


Another simple and free way conversion software is doPDF. With the option to speedily create PDF files from any document printed, DoPDF is suitable for precisely this. NovaPDF is an upgrade that lets you transform all Microsoft Office documents with just one click once installed. The website has an instructional video demonstrating how it works to ensure the conversion can be done easily. 

The progeny includes some of the tools that are available in PDFelement. However, it consists of basic but useful features like the editor for predefined page sizes and graphic scale-altering devices.

Final Thoughts

Converting an existing PowerPoint into a PDF on Windows is a simple process that will help your presentations be accessible to an even wider audience. When you share your work with classmates, colleagues, or your family by converting your presentation to PDF, anyone can access it, regardless of whether they’ve got PowerPoint running on their device. 

Therefore, the next time you’re required to share your PowerPoint presentation with someone else, converting it into a PDF is an easy and efficient method that will help you save time and energy.