Important Life Lessons Learnt from Charmed

Charmed is among the most fascinating series to ever air on television. Although we’ll never get to practice the magic tricks witnessed in the show’s eight seasons, you can take several life lessons home. Here are some essential life lessons from the Halliwell sisters in Charmed.

Life Lessons to Learn from Charmed

Although we didn’t know then, Charmed shared a lot about the real world and how to navigate some of its challenges. Brad Kern was the showrunner, and here are the lessons learned:

You’ll Survive Your Twenties

Phoebe is among the primary characters in the TV series and comes out as a lovable hot mess who hasn’t figured out her life yet in the show’s pilot. You’ll likely judge her as a kid and wish it was never you.

However, it turns out Phoebe is all of us at 20. The series shows us how she grew from a confused and directionless 20s to a woman who found career success by following her passion. You can use this example to hold on to hope even when you hit your turbulent years, mostly your twenties.

Real-Life Relationships Don’t Have a Fairy Tale Ending

In the show, Leo and Piper have a solid and long-term relationship. However, what I admire most about their relationship is the difficulties they experience in their journey together.

Just like in most modern relationships, the couple has to overcome tremendous challenges that had the potential to break down their bond. Watching how the two would come close to breaking up and seeing them reunite made it realistic and sometimes heartbreaking.

Your Sisters Are for Life

Sisterhood is an unbreakable bond; the show depicts this with the strong sister relationship between the Halliwells. Their relationship faced several tests from when they were kids until they became adults. The series explains that their love for each other is their true power source and encourages us to love our siblings even more.

Hard Work and Patience Pay Off

Phoebe and several characters in the show have a hard time at the beginning of their adult years. Although there were setbacks, all the Halliwell sisters had passions and goals. One of the most heartbreaking setbacks was the death of Prue.

Even after experiencing all of life’s hardships, the sisters never lost sight of their objectives. Watching the characters grow into their dreams is even more satisfying since the show is eight seasons long.

Protect Those Who Need It

Prue is the first-born sister, clearly outlining her instinct to protect Phoebe and Piper. These two often found themselves in trouble with demons or men, and Prue was always there to help.

Piper took the first daughter role after Prue’s death in season three. She adopted Prue’s protective mentality and taught us to have courage even when doing something we aren’t sure of. The sisters also loved saving innocents every week. Not because they were old, but because they had the power.

There is a lot to learn from watching Charmed, even if you don’t have sisters. The show shares several life lessons with the potential to unite women, humans, and witches. If you haven’t watched it, take some time to binge-watch the eight-season witch drama series.