How to Unlock Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire

Gun skins in Free Fire not only add a touch of personalization to your weaponry but also offer unique features and enhancements. Among the coveted collection of gun skins, Evo skins stand out for their dynamic evolution, transforming in appearance as you achieve specific in-game milestones. If you’re eager to unlock Evo gun skins in Free Fire, this guide will take you through the steps to acquire and evolve these impressive weapon cosmetics.

Understanding Evo Gun Skins:

Evo gun skins in Free Fire are special because they have the ability to evolve into more advanced and visually appealing forms as you accomplish particular objectives in matches. Each Evo skin has a set of evolution stages, and reaching these stages requires players to meet specific criteria, such as accumulating kills or dealing damage in-game. For exclusive guns you can play with 

Steps to Unlock Evo Gun Skins:

Select an Evo Gun Skin:

  • Start by choosing an Evo gun skin from your inventory. You can find Evo skins for various weapons in the Armory section of the game.

Equip the Evo Gun Skin:

  • Equip the selected Evo skin on your preferred weapon. Ensure that you are using the weapon during matches to progress towards unlocking the skin’s evolution stages.

Accumulate Kills and Deal Damage:

  • Evo gun skins typically evolve based on the number of kills or damage dealt using the equipped weapon. Play matches actively and aim to eliminate opponents or cause substantial damage to contribute towards the evolution process.

Check Evolution Requirements:

  • Each Evo skin has specific requirements for evolution. Check the details provided in the Armory or weapon customization screen to understand the milestones you need to achieve for each evolution stage.

Monitor Progress:

  • Keep a close eye on your progress towards unlocking the next evolution stage. You can usually track this within the weapon customization menu or the Armory section.

Reach Evolution Stages:

  • As you meet the designated milestones, your Evo gun skin will automatically progress through its evolution stages. This may involve changes in color, design, and overall aesthetics.

Celebrate Your Achievements:

  • Once you’ve successfully reached the final evolution stage of your Evo gun skin, celebrate your achievement. Your weapon now boasts a visually stunning and fully evolved appearance, showcasing your dedication and skill in Free Fire.


Unlocking Evo gun skins in Free Fire adds an exciting layer to the gaming experience, allowing players to showcase their prowess and dedication on the virtual battleground. Select your favorite Evo skin, equip it on your weapon of choice, and embark on a journey to evolve it through kills and damage dealt. With each evolution stage, your weapon transforms into a symbol of your achievements in the intense world of Free Fire. Happy gaming!