How to Go About Corporate Event Planning

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What better way to engage people than by inviting them to be a part of an amazing event? This is especially crucial in the corporate world where good networking is one of the aspects that impact the success of a company. Corporate events range from entertainment, seminars, lectures, and team-building to even attending a colleague’s wedding. All of these are a great way to network as well as build stronger and more trustworthy relations in a workplace. The only concern would be how to organize one such event in the best possible way. Here is a guide on how to successfully plan a corporate event.

Determine the size of the event

All further planning should be conducted according to the number of people that are going to be there. This directly impacts the venue size as well as other features of an event, whether that is food, drinks, or seating. There are several different types of events according to size. First of all, micro events, which include up to a hundred people, are more private and particular in nature. Small events include up to 250 people, which is a great range for seminars, lectures, or training. Medium events usually include up to a thousand people. This is a bit more complex since not every guest is going to be a company employee but could be a stakeholder or a partner. These events also require hotel accommodation because, more often than not, they last for a couple of days. Large events are even more complex in that they require the management of several factors such as booking hotels and flights, determining budgets, and also including a way to apply for the event, usually through an online platform.

Choosing the place

The venue is what leaves that lasting impression of a good event, partly because of how it looks but also because of how convenient it is. A well-chosen event location allows for the optimal way to carry out any planned activities whether that was speaking, presenting, performing, or viewing. For instance, just like choosing the best of Sydney wedding venues is a key factor when it comes to organizing a lovely wedding, location is also important for corporate events. Once a rough estimate of the number of guests is determined, it is possible to start searching for possible venues. This is done by keeping a few things in mind first. The venue should be spacious enough to fit everyone and also account for any unforeseen situations which might require more space. Logistics should be good both for bringing in the equipment that will be used but for the guests and the ease of their arrival as well. The venue should have a good support staff, especially if food is served. Connectivity is also important when it comes to events that rely heavily on technology and require a lot of power and a stable internet connection. Things like acoustics and stage selection are important too if an event is going to be a performance show. All of these details are worth considering when choosing a venue.

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Create a good marketing campaign

It is worth consulting professional marketers and promoters that can help boost the awareness of an event since they can create effective strategies to frame the event in the best possible way. This also includes conveying the purpose of the event precisely while also creating enough awareness. A good event marketing strategy will ensure that the right audience who are genuinely interested will attend. It also promotes the brand image better, builds trust, and creates new possibilities for networking and collaboration.  

Create an engaging event

Not every business meeting has to be boring. In fact, it is more and more popular to introduce more casual events which serve to better connect the employees, such as team-building trips. On the other hand, it is common to see a brand and its potential clients forming connections at more formal events. However, formal doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Many events are organized for the purpose of entertaining the clients, which is a great way to attract and retain the client base. These are usually receptions, award ceremonies, or dinners. The theme of a project is usually very specific, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to attract the right audience. Thus, the topic is usually an ongoing project or a business deal.

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Have a firm budget

Nothing can be achieved, of course, without the proper funding first. However, staying within the event budget is also crucial. This should be a priority because it is good for the stakeholders. Staying within budget also sets a certain level of specificity which can help out when planning, thus eliminating any guesswork. This ultimately saves time, which is of the essence when dealing with deadlines.

Creating an attractive corporate event is arguably the best way to form new connections, get the brand’s message across, and retain the current clients. By prioritizing guest experience, it is possible to create a long-lasting positive brand image. This can be done if a few things are put in place first; determining the event size, choosing a convenient location, using great marketing strategies, creating an engaging event, and staying within budget.

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