How to Do Effective Event Marketing?

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The make and break moment for an event depends upon the marketing of the event.Lets be honest even great products fail due to poor marketing  and communication campaigns run by event companies.And poor products grab the market just due to effective marketing.Effective use of marketing can help you achieve your business goals.

Today we will be discussing on the proper utilization of event promotion methods to make an event successful.So without wasting much of the time let’s start discussing: 

  • Magnetic Landing Page

First and foremost thing you need to do is build an impactful landing page.An event landing page will influence potential attendees to register more for upcoming events.Effective landing page is the one that contains all necessary information relating to the event like agenda, time,speaker (if any) etc.It must also include right call-to actions,testimonials and psychological factors to create FOMO.

  • Leveraging Social Media

Today in this era of netizens, you can not build a brand without the help of social media.You can create engaging social media campaigns (both paid and organic) on all four major social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and LinkedIn.All you need to do is create an engaging content,use right hashtags and make most out of the CTAs & other features.Currently Instagram Reels are the best way to promote your events because of its high reach factor.Even Instagram is promoting reels on its platform.Take the ride of the tides.

  • Engaging Content 

Whether you create a landing page or social media post one thing that is common and crucial is content. You need to treat content as a strategic marketing tool rather than considering it as a filler. The copy of the post or content on the landing page can influence the decision of the potential users.While the non-verbal language of the event is spoken through visual elements,content speaks directly to the users.Smart marketing move is to leverage both visual and verbal elements in your favour.The power of the content can be understood by the importance of taglines in positioning a brand.

  • Power of Email 

Email may seem outdated but they are not.The importance of email remains the same and its usage has been increased.People tend to trust emails more than any social media post.This is because emails are considered as an official form of communication.Emails give you more space to influence your target audience.Email templates are a great help in pushing event registration.

  • Words of Influencer

Influencers can boost your event to a new height.Collaboration with influencers can boost your ticket selling.You can leverage their social media accounts by asking them to promote your event among their huge followers. This way you can tap into new audiences. Additionally, collaboration with influencers can help in building brand image by associating their personality with brand personality.Word of mouth is more effective  than any other event promotion methods.


There is no right way to promote an event but use the above mentioned suggestions to make the most out of the marketing.

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