How Luxury Fashion Brands Use QR Codes Today

Luxury fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Victoria’s Secret among others are using QR codes to market their products and services.

With the ever-evolving technology of QR codes, more and more brands are seeing the advantages and benefits of a reliable QR code generator online.

So, how exactly are these brands integrating QR codes into their marketing strategies? Let’s have a look.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Not all fabrics are created the same. Polo Ralph Lauren embodies this, so they included QR codes in their tags.

Once the QR code is scanned, it lists machine wash and care instructions for the specific fabric. This serves as a handy tool to preserve the quality of clothes and extend their shelf life.

Louis Vuitton

A QR code software has plenty of personalization features, which Louis Vuitton utilized in their campaigns.

Instead of going for the usual black and white QR code, they customized it by teaming up with the Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to come up with a trendy QR code that aligns with their branding as well.


With a QR code’s versatility, Lacoste has found a way to incorporate them into truly creative ads.

Instead of advertising through commercials, Lacoste put QR code banners on hit TV shows or popular games, which significantly lowered their advertising costs.

QR codes are truly low-cost and effective in enticing customers to scan the ad. And as for Lacoste, it served its purpose of leading people into their online shop.


Some people may want to be more unique by customizing pieces they already own. Chanel allows customers to personalize their line of products, including pieces of jewelry and watches, in their online store.

Once they finished customizing these products, they’re given a QR code to show in-store. This QR code includes the information that customers encoded in their online store purchase.


Luxury items always stand out, and thieves have a keen eye for these original, expensive products.

To address this, Prada includes a QR code inside their bags that customers can scan upon getting the item.

This is connected to the app, which always tracks the location of the bag. If you ever lose your bag or someone steals it from you, you can always locate it and find a way to reclaim your precious item.

Victoria’s Secret

One of the most common ways of using QR codes is by placing them on print ads and billboards. That’s exactly what Victoria’s Secret did in their marketing campaigns.

Scanning their codes will lead customers to VS’ latest collection of lingerie. A URL QR code may be the most common marketing campaign out there, but it’s always quite effective in getting leads and conversions.

Yves Saint Laurent

Public transportation systems including taxis, buses, and trains offer the most foot traffic, making it an ideal location to place advertisements.

Yves Saint Laurent, in collaboration with other cosmetics and fashion brands, placed QR codes on these systems to show their latest commercials or collections on their line.

Even if you’re not a luxury brand, you can take these examples and apply it with your own campaigns. You’ll only need a trusted and advanced QR code generator to make these possible.

A QR code software offers plenty of customization features that allow you to convert almost any file type into a QR code. The best part? It’s quick and easy, and involves only a few simple steps.