Hairstylists’ Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Do you know that amazing feeling when you’ve just got out of a hair salon and you’re rocking gorgeous hair? How come we can never recreate that at home? Well, it’s because hairstylists have the best tools and products for hair, but they also know a few secrets you might have missed. If you want to achieve a look that at least resembles that fresh-from-hair-salon style, here are a few hairstylists’ tips for beautiful and healthy hair:

Wash your hair with lukewarm water

When taking a shower after a long day, superhot water might feel very relaxing and therapeutic on your body. However, scalding showers are not it—they are bad for your skin and your hair. Overly hot water will not only leave your skin red and itchy but also remove all essential oils off of your hair and scalp and make your hair look and feel dry and dull. So if you’re just about to hop in the shower, make sure to opt for equally pleasant warm water that will effectively wash your hair and skin, but not burn off all the good stuff.

Condition properly

There’s a big chance you’re already using conditioner when washing your hair, but there’s also a bigger chance that you’re not using it correctly. The conditioner needs to go only on certain sections of the hair that don’t typically get greasy. So stop applying it anywhere near the roots and only go from the middle to the ends. Conditioner on the roots will additionally speed up that unwanted oily look of your hair and significantly weigh your hair down. When it comes to applying it to the tips, grab a wide-tooth comb to help you distribute the product evenly and get rid of any tangles in the process.

Achieve a fuller look

If your hair is looking awfully flat and thin, there are ways to fix that. The easiest and cheapest way to give your hair a fuller look is to switch up your part. If you usually part your hair left, go right next time and your roots will have a lot more bounce. Or if you want something that will actually solve your problem with volume and even length, you can grab natural clip on extensions and learn how to use them properly. When you place them properly (it’s an easy task) your hair will look revived, rich and healthy. And the best thing about these extensions is that you can take them off whenever you want or switch up your look.

Ditch the towel for drying

This is a trick that hairstylists don’t use at their salons because it looks unprofessional, but it might actually work wonders for you at home. When drying your hair when you step out of the shower, don’t use your towel. Instead, do your best to squeeze out as much water as you can from the hair and grab an old cotton shirt to dry off your hair. This way will dry your hair but not damage it as much as a towel.

Give some love to your scalp

Even though it plays a huge role in how your hair looks, the scalp is often neglected without any right. Your scalp is a precious part of the skin that needs regular exfoliation just like your face, if not even more. The scalp needs to handle a buildup of oil, dead skin and hair styling products, which can leave it drowning and gasping for air. To let your scalp breathe and recover, use a micro-exfoliating scrub once or twice a month to remove all that buildup and prepare your scalp to provide a nice environment for your hair.

Use heat protection

It’s true that our hair always looks best after an intense blowout or professional straightening, but too much styling with heat can damage your hair permanently. It’s not realistic to give up your blow dryer or your curler, but you can easily tweak the way you handle them. Before every treatment with heat, use a heat-protective product. These are cheap and easy to find, and just a spritz or two will keep your hair protected when blow-drying, curling or straightening.

Hairstylists are an inexhaustible source of great hair care tips you can actually listen to and adopt because they know what they are doing. Give these tips above a try and see whether your hair looks and feel healthier and better. With some practice, you’ll manage to recreate that coveted straight-out-of-salon look at home!