Gifts Card: The Preferred Mode of Gifting Loved Ones

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Gifting loved ones is a tedious task since everybody has distinct likes and dislikes. One of the smarter ways is to give the freedom of choice by picking own gifts. This is possible when one rewards gift cards that can be used to shop, purchase online, dine out, and watch movies by swiping the cards. The choice will rest with the person being given the gift card.

How to purchase gift cards?

Several reputed and leading banks offer gift cards to customers at all branches. The banks also enable the purchase of gift cards online via net banking and send e-gift cards to the recipient. One can easily purchase gift cards online by following the steps:

  • Logging in customer ID and password
  • Going to the request section
  • Clicking on the cards tab
  • Clicking on the purchase option
  • Customizing the gift card with the name of the beneficiary who receives it (this is optional)

Purchasing e-gift cards are more popular and predominant than the physical ones.

How to use the gift cards?

Gift cards are regarded as prepaid cards. Whenever the user swipes the card for a purchase, the amount gets deducted automatically from the value of the funds allocated in the card. It is easy and simple to check the balance of the gift cards by logging in or from specific bank ATM outlets. The physical gift card can be swiped across all merchant outlets that accept Visa and Mastercards within the country. When one rewards gift cards (electronic version), they can be used at any e-commerce store. It is necessary to understand that gift cards are not meant for cash withdrawals.

Benefits of gift cards

  • There is a freedom of choice the recipient gets to use the gift card at his/her will. Whether he/she wants to shop, dine out, or watch a movie, the choice is his/her.
  • One of the highlighting features of presenting a gift card is that it can be used all around the year from the date of purchase.
  • The customization of gift cards with names, the date of birth, images, or other special dates, can be easily done. Even after the expiration date, people keep it safe as a memo.
  • Gift cards have a wide acceptance at merchant outlets in the country. Hence, it is a great idea to present someone with a gift card.
  • Another feature that attracts the most about gift cards is that they can be ordered without hassles via online banking.
  • It is safe to purchase via gift cards. Moreover, in case there is any theft or lost case, it can be reissued by the purchaser in case of proper reporting.
  • It can be bought and used by anyone without the need to have any bank account with a particular bank.


In the present time, gift cards have become a popular method of presenting loved ones on special occasions and festivals. This is because when one rewards gift cards, the recipient gets full control of the way he/she wants to utilize the amount allocated. Instead of physical gifts and presents, people of all age groups prefer to be presented with gift cards.


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