Fun Halloween Gift Ideas for Family This Year

While the Halloween is a festival of Trick-or-Treating and costumes, it is also a special day to gift your family and loved ones. And though people stick to gifting treats and sweets, Halloween is not limited to just chocolates. This means you don’t have to confine gifts to just sweets and chocolates and can choose gifts from a wide range of products and ideas. To make the Halloween fun for your family this year, here are some gift recommendations:

1. Trick-or-Treat Halloween Pumpkin

Everyone loves Halloween-themed pumpkins. It is a multipurpose gift. You can use it as a bowl to store treats and chocolates and let your children have fun Trick-or-Treating or you can use it as a flower vase to have flowers at home. And if you want to get innovative, stick a candle or light bulb inside to make it spooky. It is also a must have if you are exploring spooky basket ideas. This type of gift is easily available on the market and it is quite affordable. It’s a perfect Halloween gift for family and a must have in every house.

2. Halloween Countdown Calendar

Are your kids anticipating Halloween? If you want to make their favorite spooky holiday more fun and enjoyable, then consider gifting them a Halloween Countdown Calendar. These make for perfect Halloween gifts for children as they set the mood for the entire month.

3. Halloween Family Stickers

This Halloween gift is a great idea when you think of the family as a whole. You can gift a big door stick-on or hang card to each member of your family. The stick-on will be Halloween characters, e.g. Frankenstein, pumpkin heads, witches, and other Disney character which suits their personality. This is a great gift choice for families as your family members can hang them on their bedroom door or anywhere else in their room.

4. Skeleton Dolls

If your kids love stuffed animals, why not get them stuffed skeletons? Skeleton dolls are cuddly, soft, and slightly terrifying. They make the perfect Halloween gift for kids. They are particularly suitable for toy lovers in your house.

5. Haunted Halloween Doormat

The creepy Halloween doormat is another fun gift idea for families. This specific gift helps stir things up a little as the doormat can have different Halloween-themed messages written on it, e.g. “This house is haunted”, “Enter if you dare”, “Welcome to our haunted home”, etc. This gift will add whimsical charm to your doorway and it is also an excellent fall porch décor.

6. Halloween-themed Coloring Books

Halloween-themed coloring books are an excellent gift for families. These are full of mesmerizing and spooky designs. They are a great way to spend quality time with your family. The detailed and easily accessible line drawings provide hours of fun, whether you wish to color the pictures with your kids or pass them off as hand me down material to your parents who want to rediscover childhood pleasures.

If you are not sure what to get for your family members this Halloween, consider the above-listed recommendations. There are also ideas on hosting Halloween party to consider. These fun gifts are easily available on the market. Any of them will make the Halloween extra special for your family.