Explore the Flavors of Indian Cuisine in Hong Kong


Indian food has become an integral part of the Hong Kong food scene over the years, offering a vibrant and diverse culinary experience. From its roots in traditional Indian cuisine to its more contemporary fusion dishes, the cuisine has come a long way in Hong Kong, with numerous places offering some of the best Indian food Hong Kong.

The history of Indian food in Hong Kong dates back to the late 19th century when large numbers of Indian immigrants began arriving in the city. During this period, many Indians were working as laborers or clerks on ships that docked at Hong Kong’s harbor, and the earliest Indian restaurants appeared in the city around 1900. These early establishments served simple dishes such as curries and dal (lentils). However, the first full-service restaurant serving South Asian cuisine was established by an immigrant from Punjab named Bampi Jhaveri in 1913. His restaurant offered traditional Punjabi dishes such as tandoori chicken and butter chicken alongside more exotic fare like kebabs and samosas.

In subsequent decades, more restaurants offering North Indian cuisine began popping up throughout Hong Kong’s Kowloon district. By the 1930s, several well-established restaurants had opened their doors to serve not only locals but also travelers from India who had come to visit or work in Hong Kong temporarily. As these establishments became popular, their menus expanded to include a broader range of dishes, such as biryanis and naans.

Today, Hong Kong has a wide variety of Indian restaurants, ranging from small, family-owned eateries to high-end dining establishments. Chutney Mary is a chic restaurant situated in SoHo, serving up traditional North Indian fare with a modern twist. Their menu consists of classic tandoori dishes, curries, and breads, all made using fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. They also offer an extensive selection of vegetarian options, making it perfect for those who prefer meat-free dining experiences.

Another famous restaurant is Punjab Grill, located on Wyndham Street. They offer an exquisite spread of North Indian delicacies, including tikkas, curries, and biryanis served with aromatic spices and condiments authentic to the region. Specialties include their signature “Dal Makhni” (black lentils cooked overnight) as well as their famous “Tandoori Murgh” (tandoori chicken).

Explore the Flavors of Indian Cuisine in Hong Konge

Hong Kong is known for its wide variety of regional cuisines, and Indian dishes are no exception. From the spicy curries to the flavorful biryanis, Indian food has become increasingly popular in this vibrant city. Here are some of the most delicious and popular Indian dishes you can find in Hong Kong:

  1. Butter Chicken: This creamy and rich dish is one of the most beloved Indian cuisine staples. It consists of a gravy made from tomato puree, cream, spices, garlic, ginger, and butter that’s cooked with chunks of chicken.
  2. Chole Bhature: This North-Indian breakfast dish is a combination of chickpeas cooked in a thick gravy spiced with ginger-garlic paste and onion-tomato masala served with deep-fried puffy bhatura (bread). The traditional version includes potatoes for added texture, but it can also be served without them if preferred.
  3. Samosa Chaat: This snack or appetizer consists of samosas filled with mashed potatoes or peas that are then topped with chopped onion, tomato chutney, and yogurt sauce to give it an extra kick!
  4. Vada Pav: Originating from Mumbai (formerly Bombay), this street food dish consists of a deep-fried potato dumpling served on a bun with chutneys and spices.


In conclusion, Indian food in Hong Kong is an interesting combination of Indian and Chinese cuisine. It is a unique experience that offers something for everyone, from traditional flavors to modern innovations. With the sheer variety of restaurants and dishes available, it can be overwhelming to narrow down all the choices. However, whatever your preference may be, you can rest assured that you will find something delicious when sampling the diverse offerings of Indian food in Hong Kong.