Emotional Needs of a Student

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We are in a world which has narrowed down to fit in our fists. Technology has made it possible for us to sit on our comfy chairs, sofas, beds or wherever we prefer to and command the world from then and there. There were times when parents had to wait for months or even years in some extraordinary circumstances to see the faces of their children who had to leave their homes for educational purposes. There were times when children had to battle this cruel world all on their own because it was not possible to interact with elders, guardians, teachers or at least someone they can ask for help in times of need. Not anymore.

Education is not just about getting admissions, securing marks or getting degrees for that matter. Being a focused mental exercise, it takes so much mental toll on the minds of students. They tell you to immediately hurry up to a doctor if you happen to break your knee for instance. But, what about those diseases which are invisible? Yes, I am talking about the issues that strike within the minds of an individual. We readily calculate the economic needs required to educate a child but we have a tendency to disregard the emotional needs just because they are not something that could be perceived with a naked eye. They are abstract and can only be felt.

When we work with that approach in mind, we miss all those gray and grave areas that can cripple the very foundation on which the entire education ecosystem is built upon. Tell me, without a solid base who’s going to sustain the weight burdened upon it one after another? And, that is the primary reason why it becomes very important to pay equal attention to the healthy development of a child’s psyche among other things which are included in the label of productivity. Capstone: An Acton Academy would be the best consideration for the residents of Springfield who are looking for the best mixed-age Private school in their surroundings where their child’s emotional needs are not ignored.

In today’s world, it doesn’t look like an extremely difficult task. Well, that doesn’t mean it is easy either. What should be paid attention to is that we must use technology when we have it to bridge the gaps that existed in the previous model of physical based learning. Educators as well as parents should be trained to factor for the development of strong emotional support for the child. Education is not a one time job. It takes years and years altogether and to be honest it is so limitless that no one has ever reached the bottom of it and never will. Perhaps, that’s the beauty of it. So, it becomes crucial to constantly ramp up this beauty to make it last, to make it stand firmly against all the odds it encounters.

That is the reason I find this idea utterly foolish which tells the students that you have to study just today and enjoy the rest of your life. Why don’t we tell them that you have to enjoy your studies instead? Because when we don’t say this, we are the ones who treat studies as a burden. And, then it is no wonder when the students also treat it as a task to be done instead of imbibing the essence it serves. Not only that such an ideology also brushes off the responsibility and accountability from the shoulders of the parents and teachers as well. This could lead to disastrous consequences. A child needs someone to guide him at every step of his life and that is why it is important for teachers and parents to have a regular check on how he is faring. No, I am not asking you to accompany them like a ghost and blatantly murder their basic right to privacy I am asking you to listen what they have to say. A live video call is one way of ensuring that. A healthy interaction is not going to harm in any way possible, rather it is going to increase productivity because you have now fostered both the mind and heart of the child in the learning he has to do. He no longer treats studying as a task but understands the real value associated with it.

It is very beautiful to see how online teaching sites are building upon this narrative today. The blending of solutions to the problems with careful observation is going to change the education system for the better. So much so that we would not blame the system everytime something fails, we would realize our duties instead and work strenuously towards them.

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