Early Use of Nitazoxanide in Mild Covid-19 Disease

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In the wake of the pandemic, we have all been stressing quite a bit due to the financial instability of it all. This is on top of the natural fear we have whenever a disease like this is running rampant. We have been taught for a long time that most major diseases can’t really be treated, only managed until the body works it through if it can at all. Viruses are, with one or 2 exceptions, more or less un-curable versus things like bacterial diseases.

Of course, the vaccines of gone a long way, but recent breakthroughs have discovered that existing medications like Nitazoxanide can also be used in mild cases to help control and accelerate the processing of the coronavirus. This is still not a cure, but it can greatly reduce the impact and greatly hasten the time it takes to recover from an infection of this incredibly virulent illness.

But, simply discovering ways to faster process and treat illnesses isn’t enough in places like the United States where the way healthcare works is dubious at best. We aren’t here to be political, of course, but no side of the political debate is going to defend the current status quo when it comes to pharmaceuticals, medical treatment and basic human rights in this regard. It is merely hard for everybody to agree in a country this diverse, meaning it’s going to take us a long time before people who need something like Nitazoxanide no longer need to worry about the money in their pocket to get the treatment.

Fortunately, there are great loopholes in this, the big one being Canada. In Canada, medication is an actually free either, it is merely subsidized by taxes rather than immediate out-of-pocket expense. Many would argue that something along these lines is probably what the US should implement, and it ultimately will, when it finds a way to implement that that works for a country this complicated. For the moment, though, bear in mind that you do not live in Canada, and you don’t pay taxes there. This means you can get those artificially low shelf prices for real, without the tax man coming to call. This is a very legal loophole and one that Canada encourages, as it creates an extra free market for pharmaceutical companies, ultimately lowering the price of medications within the country thus diminishing the taxes having to be paid.

Of course, you will incur some minor customs fees shipping fees and import taxes, but they are incredibly mild. With some online Canadian pharmacies, these aren’t even an issue because customer incentives that only online retailers can employ versus brick-and-mortar pharmacies allow for rewards and conversion tactics such as waiving fees, offering free shipping, offering cheaper generics and all manner of sales and discounts. Not only can you make use of things like Nitazoxanide early in Covid detection in order to reduce symptoms and accelerate recovery, but you can do it without it costing you an arm and a leg.

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