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Face creams are one of the most important components in any skincare routine and can be magic. Different face creams address different skin conditions, but the important criteria you should check for is how the cream nourishes your skin, leaving it plump and soft. Face creams not only moisturize, brighten, and smoothen your skin, but they also work wonderfully in combating every skin concern that women confront daily. 

Hundreds of face creams are in the market today, leaving you wondering which will work for you. Lotus Herbals has developed the best face creams that are not only free from paraben and sulfate but rich with natural ingredients making them among the best and safest picks for your skin.

Why choose Lotus Herbals face cream?

Lotus Herbals skincare products are formulated with natural ingredients and scientific compounds free from paraben and sulfate to give you radiant skin. It can make your skin healthy with nutrients that fight ageing and free radicals. Professional cosmetic chemists develop each formula and is entirely vegan and cruelty-free.

Best Face Creams for Glowing Skin:

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti-Ageing Transforming Cream with SPF 25

The Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti-Ageing Transforming Cream works on wrinkles and reduces fine lines weekly, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin. It includes the “Gineplex Youth Compound,” created from potent natural components and has been clinically proven to speed the process of skin lifting, firming, and protection. The Gineplex Youth Compounds in this natural anti-ageing lotion soak quickly into the skin and provide excellent moisturization and hydration.

The Probrite Illuminating Radiance Night Cream

Women who desire youthful and luminous skin should include the Probrite Illuminating Radiance Night Cream in their skincare regimen. Japanese Sakura, one of the ingredients in the Radiance Cream, is well-known for its antioxidant levels and relaxing effects. The velvety smooth, indulgent cream is infused with the innovative “Probiotic Active Complex,” which provides unmatched hydration throughout the night for well-nourished and replenished skin. 

Moreover, natural substance is

  •  High in vital fatty acids
  • Repairs skin barriers
  • Creates smooth & supple skin
  • Improves the skin’s defenses
  • Restores the skin’s youthful appearance.
  • Free from paraben

Lotus Herbals NutraMoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturizing Crème

This is a glowing face cream with SPF 25. It contains a unique blend of cherry and black plum extracts that give long-lasting hydration while improving the skin cells’ ability to retain moisture for an extended period. Furthermore, it efficiently inhibits skin tanning and protects the skin from other types of UV-induced damage. This Moisturizing Face Crème will leave your skin luminous, soft, and supple all day.

The Proedit Silk Touch Glow Strobe Crème

This product is an ultra-sheer, high-definition glowing face cream that enhances the natural shine of your skin without leaving any trace. Like any other Lotus Herbals product, Proedit Silk Touch is free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. It has an excellent foundation base and provides a light-from-within impression, making you look dazzling. 

Lotus Whiteglow Vitamin C Radiance Cream with SPF 20

This is one of our best Vitamin C creams that can be used as a highlighter for your cheekbones and brow bones. This rich cream is paraben- and sulfate-free and has been meticulously developed to restore the skin’s natural beauty while protecting it from damaging sun rays. The miraculous Yuzu Lemon Extracts significantly removes dark spots and pigmentation, while the Kakadu Plum, which has 100X more Vitamin C than an orange, provides unrivaled brightness to the complexion.

Lotus Herbals Radiance Boost Ubtan Face Cream

Lotus Herbals Shine Boost Face Cream has an ancient, skin-stimulating blend of turmeric, sandalwood, and rose water, which restores the face’s natural shine and provides prolonged nourishment. Turmeric’s inherent antioxidant properties protect the skin from oxidative sun damage and environmentally induced skin problems. The intrinsic properties of these three components work together to target the pores, soothe the skin, neutralize free radicals, protect against environmental contaminants, and promote natural shine.

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin-Brightening Deep-Moisturizing Cream with SPF 20

This revolutionary product combines the benefits of two products into one. The Moisturizing Cream is the product of choice for flawlessly plumped and restored skin. It is the best cream for face brightening and provides sheer radiance to your complexion in addition to being imbibed with SPF 20. The cream’s smooth texture glides over the skin effortlessly, leaving it nourished and fresh throughout the day.

Face creams not only balance the pH of your facial skin but also unclog clogged pores, allowing your skin to breathe properly. They treat acne while also soothing skin inflammation and irritation. Face creams also offer your skin the balanced hydration it needs. Which face cream are you going to add to your collection?

Explore more interesting blends of face creams by Lotus Herbals and choose the most suitable cream for your skin type.

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