Best Pendants for Your Favorite Necklace

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Necklaces are indeed the most beautiful pieces of jewelry out there. They can be used to easily enhance your look and make any dress look good on you. With increasing popularity, the types and designs of necklaces have grown in large numbers; however, one thing that stays common in all of them is pendants.

Pendants with stones such as Obsidian are one of the primary features in every necklace out there; thus, a good pendant is what decides whether the necklace looks good or bad. With a pendant being this crucial for your necklace, it is essential for you to handpick the best ones for yourself.

Things to Look Out for in a Pendant:

Going to buy a pendant for yourself in either physical or online stores, you can meet a lot of bogus pendant sellers that may sell low-quality pendants. Thus, before you buy a pendant, it is essential to make sure to follow all these pieces of advice.

  • Check the Stone:

Different pendants are made using a whole lot of different stones such as Agate, Quartz, Obsidian, Calcite, and Diamond, etc. The price of a pendant varies according to the value of the stone it is made from; thus, you should always know or ask for the stone before you buy a pendant.

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  • Check the Quality and Cut:

We know that pendants are made from stones, but these stones obviously don’t come out in the shapes of a pendant; instead, they are professionally cut down into the shapes of pendants. The quality and beauty of the pendant are judged upon the level of perfection of its cut; thus, you should buy a pendant that has a quality cut.

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  • Check if it suits your dressing style:

Once you start looking for a pendant, you are going to come across many pendants that you would love and would want to buy. However, before buying any pendant, it is important to make sure that it suits your dressing style. For e.g., You might not want to buy a fancy or formal pendant if you are a casual dresser.

The top 5 pendants you can buy for your necklace:

As soon as you jump online to find a pendant that suits your needs, you will have a swarm full of them in front of your eyes. This large amount often leaves you confused and indecisive. Moreover, you also start to worry about the price being offered. However, to ease your pain, we have created a list of the top 5 pendants you will find online.

1- Diamond Jesus Pendant:

Wearing the cross started off as a religious tradition, but with time it has also started to become a fashion. Well, whatever your reasons may be, the Jesus pendant is something that looks amazing as a pendant, especially if it’s a diamond Jesus pendant.

The shine of a diamond Jesus pendant would surely elevate your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. The pendant is designed to be worn formally; thus, it would go well with all your fancy and shiny dresses.

2- Teardrop Pendant:

The teardrop pendant in recent years, well rightly so, has gained a lot of popularity and is available almost everywhere. As the name suggests, the teardrop pendant is a pendant that is designed to look like a teardrop and is usually small in size. Due to its small size and a medium flashy look, the teardrop can be worn with both formal and semi-formal outfits.

The teardrop pendant at its center has a stone which is also its most primary feature. A variety of different stones can be used in the teardrop pendant, thus offering you a wide range to choose from

3- Crystal Pendant:

The crystal pendant gets its name from the immense amount of shine that it offers. Unlike most of the flashy and fancy pendants out there, the crystal pendant has a much plainer design and is shaped like a thin coin. You can choose from different crystals for your  necklace. An example is the labradorite which is known as a power crystal. Labradorite properties include physical and spiritual healing.

Despite having a simple shape and design, the crystal pendant goes well with all your fancy outfits, thus making it a good choice for your dinner night or a formal event. 

4- Diamond Cross Pendant:

Having a strong affiliation to the Christian religion, the cross pendant has long existed. People started wearing it out of their love for their religion; however, the cross pendant has become a common fashion wear.

Well, this transformation isn’t surprising because the pendant looks super cool on almost any outfit that you wear it with. Apart from that, the cross offers an amazing bling that will make you stand out. Being common, you will easily find women’s and men’s diamond cross pendants on online and physical stores.

5- Amulet Pendant:

The amulet basically means something that can be worn around the arm or leg. It dates back to ancient times and is still believed to provide protection. Amulet pendants have all sorts of unique designs and have an attractive look.

Being immensely detailed, the amulet is sure to attract eyes and make you look amazing. The heavy look on amulet pendants allows them to look good with both formal and semi-formal clothing.


Pendants are the most primary feature of your necklaces and can make your necklaces look great on you. With so many choices of pendants available, it is essential for you to select the one that fits all of your needs precisely. We hope this article assisted you in finding the pendant that would look perfect on your favorite necklace.

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