Best Home Cleaning Service Company in Denmark

If you seek cleaning help, you get good and professional private cleaning at jacobsens-rengøring Private Home Help , so that you yourself avoid the hassle and can spend your time on what gives you value. I live in Slag else, where I offer Rengøring (Home cleaning service) to many customers and the surrounding area.

I have over many years of experience as a cleaning company, so you are assured of an experienced and experienced cleaning company that knows its job with a cloth and a folder. If you want to be sure to get cleaned so that everything is spotless, I am the obvious choice. I help both young and old as I never make a difference to people. Everyone has the right to good and private cleaning – and I help with that!

Many people probably know about it: getting the regular cleaning of the house and home into a busy everyday life.

At jacobsens-rengøring there is help to be found. We offer you private cleaning help and good service that allows you to come home to a nice and clean home. If you choose to enter into a permanent agreement on cleaning assistance, we make sure that it is the same employee who comes at the same agreed time each time.

If you choose us as your cleaning company, you decide for yourself whether our agreement regarding cleaning should include a fixed program from time to time, or whether you want a more flexible scheme.

Do you need cleaning help? jacobsens-rengøring offers cleaning help for craftsmen, offices , private cleaning etc. for you who do not have time to clean or just need an extra hand. We perform both professional private cleaning and cleaning for business companies.

We handle the daily cleaning, the special cleaning and the main cleaning, and we can offer a tailor-made cleaning plan that is adapted to your wishes and needs. We emphasize that our customers always get an efficient and thorough cleaning, where the service is at the top and the price at the bottom.

There can be many reasons why you do not have the opportunity to clean your home yourself. Maybe you have reached an age where it is not physically possible for you anymore, or maybe you have become ill? If you have a busy day, it is not always easy to find the time and money to do the cleaning when you get home from work. There are probably plenty of other things you’d rather have. Therefore, Privat rengøringshjælp ( Home cleaning help) service may be what can give you time to do the things that might otherwise be difficult to achieve. For example, spending time with family, cultivating your hobbies, or something completely third. In other words, you gain more freedom and can spend your time where it really matters!

As a customer, you will experience a cleaning help who wants to do the extra little thing so you get the great experience of coming home to a nice clean home. As a rule, bring all necessary props, such as vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, cloths and environmentally friendly cleaning products at no extra cost.

The cleaning of your home includes vacuuming and floor washing of all floors, dusting of surfaces, cleaning of toilets / bathrooms as well as external wiping of cupboard doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen. In other words, a solid and thorough cleaning in all and also Erhvervsrengøring (office cleaning) .

Our prices for our cleaning service depend on how many square meters we have to clean, what kind of cleaning you want, and whether you want to enter into a fixed agreement – and if so, how often we have to come by.

If you would like to have a price calculated on exactly the cleaning solution that matches you and your needs, you are welcome to contact our cleaning company in order to calculate a non-binding offer.

Call us on +45 4880 9952 or fill out the form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.