A Quick Overview of the Modules of Hotel Property Management Systems

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The two most important things that a hotel business needs to survive in a competitive market are- having an online presence that streamlines the reservation process and delivering outstanding customer services. Automating daily operations and administrative tasks majorly contributes to achieving customer satisfaction. But now the question is how to handle the complex system of the hotel. It is the hotel property management system that handles channel management, reservations, front/back-office operations, and more. This article discusses the key modules of hotel property management systems.


Online bookings are in most cases the main sales channel when it comes to the modern hotel business. It is the reservation module of the hotel property management system that helps manage online bookings. A hotel reservation system must be integrated with the website booking engine and must be efficient enough to hold all inventory data and dates.

Channel Management

Channel management software is a single boundary the main function of which is to control and distribute inventories across different frequencies such as wholesalers, direct booking platforms, OTAs, etc. additionally, the channel managing module is responsible for facilitating booking-related transactions.

Revenue Management

A PMS is reported as a big step to improving the hotel revenue management indicators. It is with the help of a revenue management system that managers understand the technique of adjusting processes so that better results can be achieved and finances can be controlled.


It is with the help of the PMS housekeeping module that the housekeeping staff in the hotel is connected to the front headquarters. a front-office executive further can easily make a list of tasks and responsibilities and assign the same to the housekeeping staff. Also, housekeepers can apprise room status through a mobile app.

CRM and Customer Data management

The CRM system is integrated with the front desk and registration system to collect all information about the guests from these foundations. It further helps store guest data in such a way that the database can be accessed in an organized format.

Reports and Analytics

The analytics module in the PMS helps in monitoring current processes and understanding business performance. A PMS serves as a business astuteness tool that collects relevant data and provides hoteliers with different types of mechanical reports.

Back-Office Management

Back-office management module of PMS is efficient enough in facilitating the administration of a hotel team, back-office actions, and organizational hotel operations. This module provides various functions like management of the event, spa, sales, reviews, and staff, inventory analysis, etc.

Point-of-Sale Services

This particular module is indispensable to handle transactions if the hotel s acquainted with multiple point-of-sale terminals. With a PMS, additional costs or discounts can be included in the final bill for each customer.


Now that the hotel property management system offers a wide range of modules, installing the same can improve the operations and profitability of the hotel. Before choosing a particular PMS, the size and type of hotel property must be analyzed. The final choice of the PMS for a hotel is largely dependent on the required functionality.

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