8 Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom Space

The bedroom space can look boring with time. You may like your color scheme and furniture, but something is still missing. Even a decorated bedroom can look dull, if it does not reflect your style. However, you can find ways to make your bedroom space show off the real you. Start with your bed and beddings and check redesigned Bear Hybrid ratings to get a quality mattress. All in all, get creative with the fresh ideas below and make your bedroom anything but boring.

1. Create an accent wall

One way to get rid of the bedroom blahs is to create an accent wall at the head of your bed. There are various ways to create an accent wall in your bedroom. For instance, you can choose to paint, go strong, bright, or dark. Choose a color you love and get throw pillows one or two in the same hue. For more impact, you can opt for removable wallpaper or a stenciled design on the wall.

2. Show your artistic side

Most bedroom walls are pure white. But, such a space is not inviting. However, hanging some artwork livens it up. Most people overlook decorating their bedroom. But, if you try, it gives a new look and shows your creative side. Thus, add your favorite print, painting, quilt, poster, or favorite photos over your free standing headboard. If you feel ambitious about adding more pictures to the wall, mix multiple pieces and create a stunning gallery wall.

3. Update your bedding

While setting your bedroom’s style and mood, your bedding is a vital factor. So, update your bedding and get rid of the old blankets. You can consider the wild side and choose an animal print comforter to give life to a traditional room. But, if this does not suit your tastes. Choose bedding in the style you prefer. It can be contemporary, rustic country, or something in between. Importantly, if you want to bring your bedroom to life, look for a bold color or pattern.

4. Choose colorful throw pillows

Neutral throw pillows are soothing. However, a bedroom with no contrast gives a blah feeling. Yet, you need a few bright throw pillows to add a touch of color to your bed. Choose the throw pillows according to your decorating style and find colorful pillows that match your space. Three throw pillows are the best for your bed, and you do not have to match them perfectly in design, style, or color.

5. Highlight a great headboard

When you upgrade your space with a great headboard, it turns even the plainest bedroom into something new and fresh. Therefore, give your bedroom a lift with a beautifully upholstered headboard. A neutral bedroom can get a touch of contrast and interest from a striking headboard. Thus, show off your personality and creativity with a DIY or repurposed headboard.

6. Update your lighting

Most bedroom ceilings have only a lightbulb and nothing more spectacular. Get creative and swap the old ceiling fixture with a bold one. Even though you change nothing else in your bedroom space, updating your lighting gives your bedroom space an instant panache. Plus, there are endless styles you can choose from, or you can make your DIY lighting as long as it is creative and something you love in the space.

7. Swap out your rug

Most people, as they decorate their bedroom forget the floors. Most bedroom floors are wood or neutral stair runner carpet. So, it is better to add a colored or patterned area rug for decoration purposes. An area rug gives a new look to the bedroom space. Check various bedrooms online with different area rugs to see the before and after looks.

8. Find a pretty bedside lamp

If you do not have the trendy wall sconces, you need a bedside lamp next to your bed. Today, you can find inexpensive bedside lamps, and they are a great way to add a quick touch to your bedroom. Plus, it is within your budget. Thus, wake up from a boring bedroom with a pretty bedside lamp that you can find at most second-hand stores or furniture stores in your area or online.