6 Tips to Buy Art Online

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There has been a long association of Australian society with arts and culture. It has played a pivotal role in shaping society, defining the beliefs and values of people, and helping them express themselves. It’s no wonder; when you focus on a brilliant piece of aboriginal or contemporary Australian art, you want it to adorn your home.

But if you are buying artwork online, you need to be mindful of several things to navigate the marketplace and have a seamless buying experience. Check the following tips.

1. Do your research

Whenever you are buying something online, you should do research beforehand. It is always helpful to have an insight into the artist before buying their work. So, take some time to learn about the artists, what inspires them, and their artwork. Browsing the artists’ profiles can be an excellent place to start, and your educated intuition can help you in many ways than you know.

2. Learn about permanence

There have been instances of people being scammed with fake indigenous Australian art. So, be very cautious about unauthentic products, duplicates, and junk.

Often you may find thick paint reapplied over paintings to make them look original. Several websites need to be curated and offer substandard and amateurish art.

Before buying, you should compare other artworks of an artist, the number on the print, and the artist’s signatures to be absolutely sure.

3. Set a budget

Australians tend to get a bit overboard when purchasing art and craft. The annual average expenditure of every household on art and craft can go up to $550. So, when you set your budget, be prepared to spend a bit more than you thought.

When buying a piece of art, you must trust your instincts to go ahead and buy it, or you may regret it later. Also, it is better to be flexible with the budget as other costs are involved with the art purchase, like shipping charges and insurance.

4. Check the details about the seller

You should always consider a few crucial factors to check the seller’s legitimacy. For instance, learn if the artwork was pre-owned and in its current condition and ask for the expertise of a specialist.

Moreover, if you are purchasing from online auctions, look at the buyer’s premium fee charged by the auction house. The fee can range between 15 and 30 percent of the final bid. So, it’s better to be aware of these additional fees during an online purchase.

5. Look at the certificate of authenticity

When an artwork is awarded a certificate of authenticity, you are assured of your purchase. So, before buying, you can ask for the authenticity details from the art representative, gallery or dealer you are buying from. It is best to choose reputed sellers ready to provide all the necessary information and facilitate your purchase process.

6. Check services terms

Before making online payments, it’s better to ensure that the site offers guaranteed sales and flexibility of services. The online gallery must allow you to return the artwork without any hassle in case you don’t like it.

Also, check if the seller uses professional shippers for product delivery. This way, you can be certain of the safe delivery of the product, and you have peace of mind.

Art holds significance in one’s life, and you must try to buy an extraordinary piece of art. So, go through various online galleries, artwork seller zones, and shops to get a good idea about the products and remain updated with the online space. You should also be careful about documenting your purchase so that if you wish to sell the artwork in the future, the process is smooth and hassle-free.


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