5 Top Features of Razer Kiyo Webcams

Video game streaming has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are many platforms where one can stream video games, including YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. The majority of the gaming PCs have inbuilt cameras, which in most cases don’t meet the needs of players. This is why you’ll get many streaming webcams in the market today. The role of these webcams is to improve image quality and the overall gaming experience. Razer Kiyo webcam is among the leading webcams with great features and improved performance. If you want a Razer Kiyo webcam, visit https://www.razer.com/streaming-cameras/razer-kiyo-pro. Razer Kiyo webcams are mainly used by professional streamers. They come at varied prices depending on the features and are ideal for studio-like streaming. Even the budget Razer Kiyo webcams will work well and help you gain a huge audience on various streaming platforms, including YouTube and twitch. Below are the top features of Razer Kiyo webcams:

1. Image quality

Razer Kiyo webcams are among the leading streaming webcams with satisfactory image quality. Unlike most webcams, the Razer Kiyo has the ability to record 4-megapixel stills with a balanced level of both brightness and color. This makes it ideal for use in places with varying light conditions. The best part about the Razer Kiyo webcam is that the user can boost illumination through ring light switching. This results in sharp and crisp details, thus leading to better focus. When there’s a better focus, you’ll get better results regardless of the light level in place.

2. Design

Most Razer Kiyo webcams have designs similar to other streaming webcams. The only major difference in design is that Razer Kiyo webcams have some additions to their craftsmanship. Their closed camera has 3 discs on top of each other, i.e., the camera unit, light ring, and 2 hinges which help to adjust the desktop monitor. Razer Kiyo webcams are also durable, meaning they have a long lifespan regardless of the frequency of their use. The webcam’s LED ring light contains an adjustable dial whose main purpose is to ensure high-quality videos are captured. The camera also has a tripod mount.

3. Sound quality

This game streaming webcam has excellent sound quality. Razer Kiyo webcams have less noisy microphones, which suit streamers who find gaming headphones better for streaming. When there’s better sound on your videos, people won’t struggle to find out what you’re saying regardless of the platforms you’re using to stream.

4. Light performance

These webcams perform well in natural light, stage light, and low light environments. This makes it suitable for nearly all environments, meaning you’ll use the same webcam everywhere you go without changing it.

5. Software

Most razer devices have inbuilt synapse connectivity whose main role is to calibrate color variations and settings. Generally, some Razer Kiyo webcams don’t have these features. They’re specifically designed to operate as plug-and-play systems. Razer Kiyo webcams don’t have the software that regulates tilt, zoom, pan, and other similar functions. The user must manually make the preferred adjustments. The webcam has Xsplit and Open Broadcaster streaming software which can help adjust brightness, tint, and contrast levels.

In conclusion, these are the top features of Razer Kiyo webcams. They come at varied prices depending on quality and performance.