5 Reasons Why Hurricane Windows Shutters Are a Must-Have for Coastal Homes

Hurricanes and tropical storms are fierce and destructive; broken windows allow debris and other elements to enter homes. Protecting the house with shutters can reduce the damage and save lives. Alongside this measure, obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage, especially for roof insurance claims, adds a layer of protection for your home and helps mitigate potential financial losses.

A selection of shutter styles is available to fit your property. They are budget-friendly and can add value to the house.

They Look Great

Hurricane shutters are a beautiful and practical alternative to hammering plywood over windows. Plywood is only acceptable as a short-term solution, but it doesn’t hold up to high winds and flying debris and is prone to cracking or loosening in the presence of moisture.

Accordion shutters, for example, are a popular option that can be closed from the inside or outside and even remotely controlled. Additionally, they come in various hues, dimensions, and arrangements. These shutters have passed force-entry testing and prevent forced-entrance burglaries while protecting the house from storm damage. They are an excellent method to improve your property’s curb appeal, value, and safety. Hurricane windows are more effective at reducing sound and providing UV protection.

They Are Easy to Operate

While plywood sheets are a cheap and quick way to cover your windows, they can leave your home vulnerable to debris and high winds. Plus, they can also be difficult to handle and require you to have a place to store them.

When hurricanes and severe storms strike, flying objects can break windows, which lets in rain, wind, and debris. This can cause serious structural damage to your home and even lead to roof failure.

Installing hurricane-impact-resisting windows is the best way to protect your home from hurricanes. They are designed to replace windows and withstand high winds, projectiles, and flying debris. They also provide extra noise protection, which can help you sleep better during a storm. This is an ideal option for homeowners concerned about their home’s aesthetic appeal.

They Are Affordable

Living in a hurricane-prone area means protecting your home from storm damage. During a storm, your home’s windows are frequently the most exposed area since they let rain, debris, and strong winds in.

Shutters prevent the entry of these elements, keeping your home safe and preventing costly repairs. Many homeowners also find that they save on insurance premiums when they install FEMA-rated shutters on their homes.

Many types of window protection are available, including plywood and accordion shutters. However, it would always help to choose the most durable option for your budget. Investing in hurricane windows shutters can prevent severe damage to your home during a storm, making it worth the investment.

They Are Easy to Clean

Hurricane window shutters allow natural light into the home while providing complete storm protection. This allows those inside the house to see outside during a hurricane or severe storm, which can provide comfort and help ease anxiety.

They also eliminate the need for homeowners to fumble with sheets of plywood, which requires adequate fitness and familiarity with a screwdriver to install. They are more practical than alternatives like boarding or duct tape since they are simple to open and close with the stroke of a button.

As with any exterior home accessory, it’s important to inspect hurricane shutters for wear and tear regularly. Cleaning and lubricating tracks and hinges are simple, and homeowners can easily do this. This helps to keep the shutters in good condition, so they’re ready for the next hurricane or severe weather event.

They Are Easy to Maintain

Windows are one of the weak points in homes during a hurricane. They can shatter, allowing rain, wind and debris to enter the house. Additionally, flying objects during a storm can cause pressure to build up in the home causing further damage.

Boarding up the windows with plywood is a labor-intensive task that takes time and effort. Plus, it provides less protection than hurricane shutters.

There are several kinds of hurricane shutters, but they all need maintenance to be in good working order. For instance, louvered shutters, accordion shutters, and roll-up shutters all involve moving components, hardware, and tracks that must be greased and cleaned regularly. Additionally, homeowners should inspect their shutters before each storm to ensure they are in good condition.