4 List of Interesting Places in Melaka!

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There are so many interesting places in Melaka, Malaysia. This area is designated as a world heritage city by UNESCO. Therefore, it is not surprising that tourism is very advanced, and there are many hotels in Melaka that can be used as a place to stay during your visit.

Melaka was the first country to establish a Malay sultanate. There is a lot of history to be enjoyed in this area. Ancient heritage buildings are still very well cared for. One thing that becomes an advantage when visiting this place. cleanliness is the most champion

List of Interesting Places in Melaka

1. Melaka Taming Sari Tower

The first place you can visit is Menara Taming Sari Melaka. In this place, the tourists will be presented with a tower covered with glass. There is a deck that will take you up 80 meters. Herein lies the beauty of this area. Where tourists will be presented with a beautiful view of the city of Melaka.

All nearby attractions will be visible when you are looking at Melaka Taming Sari Tower. Not only that, magnificent buildings will be seen from up here. The best time to visit this area is in the evening. Where tourists can see a very beautiful sunset. Or you are also at night seeing the dazzling twinkling lights.

2. Submarine Museum

As in Surabaya, Melaka also has a museum that is no less the next day. Where a submarine made in 1979 was then used as a cool museum after it stopped operating. This is what causes the space inside to be quite narrow because it is made of real submarines.

So, don’t be surprised if during the holiday season there are lots of tourists coming and going. At certain hours, tourists will hear the submarine sirens which can only be heard on this ship. Interesting right?

3. Melaka River Cruise

Down the river is the most fun. Moreover, this area is indeed a leading tourist attraction, presenting a different feel from all other tourist objects in this area. Interesting vacation spots in Melaka can be enjoyed by boat, traveling around the river.

The best time to visit this area is at night or in the afternoon. Where the hot sun in this area is not too stinging. So, you can enjoy this area freely. Moreover, at night this place will sparkle like a diamond because these decorative neon lights become an interesting thing to watch.

4. Melaka Straits Mosque

Want to see the icon of the city of Melaka? This is in a mosque that is tomorrow. directly facing the Strait of Malacca. Tourists will feel how it feels to pray to face the sea and feel the coolness of the sea breezes. The feel is like being in Mecca and Medina

The uniqueness of this area is the twilight time. Where tourists can see the sunset with the silhouette of a beautiful mosque. This is really why many tourists visit this place during Asr time and are willing to linger here. Don’t forget to also bring a camera, so that every moment in this place can be immortalized in photos and pictures.

There are many more tourist attractions that can be visited in Melaka. You can even choose various hotels with various facilities such as the Imperial Heritage Hotel Melaka.

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